• Who is going to Gen Con Indy?  Anybody made plans to go, I sure hope to hell to make it.  Anybody know if AA50 will be a major part of the experience, I sure hope so.

  • I was there last year and I was so excited because AA50 was going to be set up and you could check it out before it came out!  I did not get to participate in any games since I was so busy exploring the entire convention.  Everything looked great and like it was a ton of fun!  I’m sure someone here has played or will be going this year.  Even Indy was a pretty nice town!  I hope to go back this year!

  • Damn, I’d love to have one of these things in Toronto!

  • @Craig:

    Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition Game Play/Tournament: (10am & 4pm Thurs/Fri)
    This is the first annual Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition game play tournament. All levels of AA players welcome but must have a working knowledge of the Axis & Allies game. Game rules will be reviewed for this casual game play tournament. 2 players per side and game play could last up to 6 hours. 13 VC victory conditions or most VC at the end of the game. Winners advance to SE Semi-finals on Saturday. Please bring a copy of the game. Top teams receive prizes.
    Supported by WotC/AH, GM GregSmorey.

    I don’t think I could play in this tournament because I would tear my hair out worrying about my pieces to my game.  Not just because it is AA50 but because I get obsessive about my board game pieces.  For every person that is over protective of their games, there are probably the same about who are more willing to share their board games!

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