Can rockets reach from Caucasus to Italy's IC?

  • Hello all,

    The first AA50 game we played resulted in USSR getting rockets on round one.
    We were playing with the Dardanelles closed to sea movement, but air and rockets should be able to pass through.
    Since rockets are air and can attack from 3 spaces we allowed the played to attack from Caucasus to Italy because it looks like SZ16 and SZ14 are connected on the map, but this was horrible for Italy.

    Just wanted to confirm we made the right decision.


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    Welcome, Merlin!

    Yes, you played it correctly.  Getting certain technological developments very early in the game can be a real nightmare for the other side.  That’s why Research and Development is an optional rule.

  • Thanks for the quick reply.
    That game went for 10hrs with no clear winner in sight so we called it a draw.

    It was our first AA50 game, and for 1/2 the people there their first AA game.
    Hopefully our next game will be faster.

  • Welcome to the forums Merlin!  My brother, a work friend and I played a game this weekend.  We started at 9am and went on till 6pm!  The game did manage to finish with Axis getting 16 Victory cities.  Our games usually take a long time because we do not get to play often, so my brothers and cousins go at a slower pace.  If you get to play more frequently, people will fall into their groove and the game should start flowing faster.  Good luck with the next game!

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