Axis and Allies victory 101 (basicly how to win)

  • I have deducted that the key way of winning is simply to create the least amount of fronts that you must defend from an enemy. The less you have to worry about one front you can concentrate more heavily on another. Just simply look at your location and determine wich area you can seal off the fastest and go for it so after you can stop having to worry about an enemy attacking one area you can go to another. A good example is africa if gemany takes it all it can then look to russia with lots more forces to expend. a key example is if germany and japan ever meet their frons together 😄 then they have a whole direction to divert their attention from and the allies are pretty much screwed. Some may disagree with my reasoning but for me these tactics have always worked for me

    These are the teachings of Commissar Adam

  • If German and Japanese front line forces meet, the game is over.
    They"ll have an economic victory.

  • This may be true.
    However - Germany and Japan met in my game vs. DM and i’m still struggling, however 4 turns later 🙂

  • It shows you what I know :oops:

  • I see them link up in Africa often enough.

  • they met in india today 😄

    it was fun, i captured china and sinkiang with germany 😎

  • You mean more than 1 front is BAD?? Oh man, have I been playing it wrong. Concentrating your forces? Wow, what a gem that is. So THAT’S all you have to do. It’s so simple. No wonder my tactic of using sarcasm hasn’t worked. . . .

  • yes that is what he means i think, i completely disagree with it though :lol:

  • I find out that the key to winning Axis and Allies, at least in my mind, is always to leave yourself open to new suggestions. Never confine yourself in the same set plan and do not become predictable. Versatility means able to strike at multiple points or respond in a multiple number of ways. I think I covered this before in TG and my “Theories on ATB [Active Time Battle].” In short ATB means utilizing each of your units to the utmost effectiveness and always on the move. This causes the opponent to second-guess what you are going to do next. Another theory I am trying to test in “VATB,” which stands for Variable Active Time Battle. VATB is different from standard ATB because it has more to do with purchases. Same story, always make your purchases flexible and free. Right now I am using a “VATB Bomber Wing Flux” Strategy or as TG calls it, “Bomber Push supported by Infantry.” Bomber Wing Flux is a strategy developed by the Allies to hold the Axis with infantry and pound their economy with strategic bombing raids. The key is to make sure that your total I.P.C. base is higher than the Axis’s, with Strategic Bomb giving additional damage. What I love about bombers, and why they make such great ATB units, is that they can be used for a variety of task. The main draw of a bomber is the ability to strategic bomb, but I have found that, due to their great range, bombers can accomplish many secondary tasks. An effective way of shutting down Japan in the East is to continually trade the three territories surrounding Russia using infantry supported by bombers. That way you do not waste valuable tanks. I found this a great way of buying the rest of my Allies times to deliver the final blow.

  • Definately, TM. If you have a set plan, chances are it won’t work 3 turns from now. “Even the best plan doesn’t survive contact with the enemy”.

  • hahahaha, Rommel I may ask? 😉

  • hey lighten up I was trying to give some good advice for all the new people who are always asking about what to do
    Theyre always like’ I dont know what to do, or how do I win, "you know :-? "

    "sometimes the best strategy is the simplest one 🙂 "

  • I agree C A. (love the handle, by the way).
    i have a few simple strats that seem to work well for me (in general - please don’t apply them to my last game). The nice thing about them is that they are subtle and accomplish for me results that my opponant does not realize usually.
    Of course were i to iterate them, some jerk would come along sarcastically and say “oh, like i wouldn’t have thought about that”, and then use my strat’s for himself.
    Of course my strats are not obvious - maybe not until the end of a game. Many of them worked quite well vs. Wild2000, and some of them vs. DM.
    Anyway, keep posting, and ignore the jerks CA.
    your friendly neighbourhood mod.

  • Hey thanx for the Props man, I appreciate it 🙂

  • obvious or not axis is for a short games and allies for a long

  • oh, like i wouldn’t have thought about that. . . .

  • @Wasz:

    oh, like i wouldn’t have thought about that. . . .

    do you have anything intelligent to contribute?

  • I see subtle humor is lost on some.

    Something intelligent? Hmmm. How about: they are only letters on a computer screen, man. Let it go. They can’t hurt you. There is life beyond the Internet and certainly beyond Axis and Allies. Getting all worked up about something somebody said in jest on a website about a game isn’t worth it.
    Here’s a list of clichés to help with my intelligent contribution:

    1. “Roll with the punches”
    2. “Lighten up dude”
    3. “You need to be ‘thick-skinned’”
    4. Let it “roll off your shoulder”
    5. “Always wash behind your ears” (this doesn’t refer to our particular issue but it’s still good sound advice)

    This was fun. Let’s get our massive, oversensitive egos out and do this again some time. Bet mine’s bigger than yours. Either way, we’ve taken some REALLY IMPORTANT steps in the REALLY IMPORTANT issue of Internet etiquette, an issue which, thanks to you, I see I need some work on. Thanks! And whatever you do, remember you’re just not cool in the eyes of your fellow Internet gamers unless you get the last word in. . . .

  • do i get the last word to be cool ? 🙂

  • No way, me 😉

  • @Yanny:

    Definately, TM. If you have a set plan, chances are it won’t work 3 turns from now. “Even the best plan doesn’t survive contact with the enemy”.

    Or, to quote a famous late 20th century philosopher and strategist:

    **“Everyone has a plan - until they get hit!”

    • ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson**


  • I think we all owe Wasz a loud and sincere “THANK YOU!”

    It’s not every day that some kind soul takes the time out of a busy schedule to point out our low tolerance for high wit, not to mention our other faults and shortcomings that might have come to the kindly one’s attention.

    For those interested in further readings on the subject, might I suggest:

    1. The Supersmart Sayings of Spongebob Squarepants
    2. The Accumulated Wisdom of Kato Kayelin [OJ’s pal]
    3. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People [NOT by Dale Carnegie]
    4. The Deep Insights of Jim Carrey
    5. The Secret Hidden Meaning of Turnips
    6. Favorite Meditations on Plastic Army Men [by Bob Crane]
    7. Meinem Lieblings Denkers auf Bob Crane [von Werner Klemperer]
    8. Sarcastic Is As Sarcastic Does [by Shrubbery Gump]

    And now, those of you diligent enough to have received a passing grade in A&AVictory 101: please open yer well-worn notepads as Commissar Adam outlines the course syllabus for A&AVictory 102. ahem If you please, Commissar…?

  • Why thank you ZimZaxZeo 😉

    😛 Conservitave retreats? 😛

    some may have read this in a different post of mine so forgive my repitetion :-?

    this is a good strategy for russia to fend off germany

    what you need is a mass pile if inf and a conga line following it up to the front(w / karelia this is easy) and maybe 4-8 armor. You cant really go toe to with germany right, so most people decide to build up to discourage a german attack 😢 this may be tried and true but it can only hold out so long against a good axis player. So now the question is WHAT DO I DO NOW? Well fear not here is a good tactic to mix it up a little. You take as much inf as you can, all your armor, and ATTACK!!! “all cowards will be shot”(sorry I do have my Commissar tenacity and tendancies you know)

    Well we all know that in real life russia made a lot of strategic retreats that devastaded the german offensives and this is the basis if my tactic 😎

    when you attack take inf as casualties(duh) and they will too (" ") so you battle it out with your armor and beat them down until there is a chance that they will score enough hits to take out some tanks and as soon as that happens retreat!
    EVEN IF you would be able to take the territory DONT! I dont care how much you could use the IPCs. See by taking the territory you do collect the money that turn but the expensive units that took the territory are extremely vulnerable to counterattack from the next lump in their conga line of death so you dont take it and retreat back to the safety of your next lump.

    Sure this may piss of your opponent but does it really accomplish anything?..… Why yes! 😛
    As we all know inf only have a move of 1. and we also know offenses unsupported by inf are doomed in battles of large magnetuge(hmmmmm)
    so what all this does is
    Cripple Their Counter-Offensives
    so a wise player will not attack you as long as you smash their fronts and they will be more worried about defense than offense and when germany goes on the defense THEY LOSE 😎 Hey hey hey

    now does anyone have any witty replies to my hopeless tactics in an attempt to make me cry or should I blindly bow to any and all superior intellect now 😢

  • Last word.

    -The Kindly One

  • Wasz- u should register

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