What is your best advice for playing against the 'puter?

  • I know that many of us have beaten the 'puter repeatedly at A&A, but if you have any strategies that you employ to share with other newbies, please post them. (note: I’m not talking the original where the US builds a billion subs, or variants found in the Iron Blitz CD, but the “improved A&A AI version”. . . and i know that’s a bit of an oxymoron, so please just post your strategies.

  • Dear Mr. Super Mega Addict,

    I am new to this online gaming gig (well, I did play some interstellar wargames via GEnie network back in the mid-80s, but that’s another tale).

    Would you kindly direct me as to how to equip so as to play the CD way vs. the hivemind – and where to find the “improved A&A AI version” you mention. Now here’s the kicker: I operate on an iMac, operating system 9.04 … realizing that many of youse vets is Windows and/or Linux oriented, I just hope there is hope for the likes of me…

    (Thanks in advance)

  • Playing against the AI in Iron Blitz using Axis:

    G1 Standard builing of a Transport and Infantry works. The AI usually boats its Russian Transport to join the UK Transport off Canada, leave them alone. Hit the UK SZ with 4 Fighters and the Baltic Fleet. Send a Fighter against the Sub. And your Bomber & Sub against the Battleship. Take West Africa with the Algerian, Blitz out and back with the Lybian Tank, land a Fighter in Lybia, the rest and the Bomber in WE (The AI never builds enough in Kar to ever worry about him hitting EE). Move 2 dudes from Sth E to Lybia. Move everything to EE. Build 4 Inf in SE, the rest in Ger. Collect 34IPC.

    J1 Build 3 Transports, save 1IPC. If he built the India IC, ignore it for now, he never uses it right. Hit China with everything, leaving 1 Inf in Man & Burma. Hit Hawaii with Bomper, 1 BB, Sub, 2 Fighter (have to have kamaze attacks on to be allowed to use the 2nd fighter). Bring the Jap Trans to the Solomon Is with 1 Inf from Wake. The Phil Trans with 1 Inf from Phil & 1 Inf from Caroline to Sol Is, Carrier and BB to Sol Is, land Fighers on Carrier, land Bomber in Sol. Land mainland fighters in Burma.

    G2 Lots on Inf. Often UK Blitzes over to Algeria, Hit the tank with 2Inf & Figher, Hit Egypt with Tank 2 Inf. Bomp US SZ, usually US only has 2 Trans there, so you usually win without loss, Fighters against any ships in range (often 1 Trans in UK and 1 Trans in Baltic, so 2 Ftr each). Boat 4 Inf from SE to Lybia, move rest to EE, and 2 more into WE. Build 4 in SE and rest in Ger.

    J2 Build Inf, save atleast 3IPC. Take Arg with the Pacific fleet from the bottom SZ (where you threaten both Bra & SA from). Boat 2Inf to Burma and 1 Inf + Tank to Man. Depending on losses in China, leave one Inf there and move the others to Burma.

    Things to look for from now on:
    Ger is looking to boat another 4 dudes into Persia each turn from now on (The AI always leave your fleet alone, but make sure you still keep them together). Other than that, just lose your Air Force taking out what Transports you can and always build all Inf each turn. Jap will win the game alone if Ger holds up the way the AI plays.
    Jap will be able to take Bra, US never defend in well enough, and the build a Complex there the build 3 Subs the following turn. Jap will also be able to get the Indian IC the following turn and Soviet Far east safely as well. Sit your fleet in the US SZ, the US sends all his planes to Europe, you he cant very well clear you away. And the following turn hit the UK seazone with the Fleet and the 3 new subs, after this he cant build anymore transports ever. Make mabey 1 or 2 more subs each turn as needed, but start putting money back into the Indian IC with 3 Tanks and Jap Inf + Trans to get them to the main land ready for the win.

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