AA50 House Rule for 'Neutral' Countries

  • There are a number of countries on the map which are assigned as ‘neutral’, though they may have been ‘non-belligerent’ during the war and allowed trade to one or both sides or volunteers to go and join one or both sides.  This is as opposed to a country like Switzerland, who was seen as their own side after showing no tolerance to either side’s armies. 
      Plans by both Axis & Allies were drawn up for to engage or invade these countries and why shouldn’t we be allowed to do the same.

    As such, here are rules to enter several of these countries into the game.  These countries are Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia & Sweden.

  • Adding Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia & Sweden as Optional Countries
    The term optional is used as because the Allies played by a different set of rules from the Axis, with more of a dedication to not invade a declared ‘neutral’ country and to influence ‘non-belligerent’ to their aide through more diplomatic means.

    -Spain Value=3-ipcs
    after just finishing a hard civil war prior to WW2, and though aided by both Italy and Germany to different extents during, Spain was reluctant to actively join the Axis without certain needs being met that historically were more than the Axis (Germany especially) was willing to meet.  However, Spain’s military was battle hardened and would have met any attack from either side of the war, though to what extent they would have been able to resist is seen as not beatable by the Germans.  Historically the value of fighting for the land was not convincing enough with other fronts already open.

    Spain defense at 2 Infantry, 1 Artillery and 1 Fighter.

    ***Additionally, because of the close possibility of Spain joining the Axis, a preliminary Split Loyalties roll will be given.  If Germany attacks, prior to the combat, a roll of 1 will  gain a diplomatic win and Spain immediately becomes a partisan for the Axis and a protectorate of Germany. If Italy attacks, a roll of 1 or 2 will gain diplomatic win and Spain becomes protectorate of Italy.  No Divided Loyalties roll is given for a Japanese attack.

    -Turkey  Value=3ipcs Turkey was never as close to the Axis as Spain, though they were tied to Germany for trade reasons. Their borders were held and they did not plan any attacks with Germany like Operation Felix in Spain against Gibraltar.  Turkey was still in transition from WW1 aftermath however and did sign a non-aggression pact with Germany (though so did the Soviet Union) before finally joining the Allies late in the war.  Though Turkey had over 200,000 troops, including air and mechanized divisions, they were very poorly equipped and trained compared to other nations in the war.

    3 Infantry, 2 Fighters

    ***Control of Turkey will allow Dardanelles to be opened to naval passage if using optional rule for Dardanelles.

    Saudi Arabia Value=4ipcs
    -at best during WW2, about 15000 troops were able to be called upon by the king, and their arms had not changed much since the WW1. Most of the troops rode camels and their loyalties were not always with the king.  Oil was the huge prize to the Allies here that was to be protected.

    2 Infantry, not for numbers of troops, but for vast desert routes to traverse to reach targets.

    Sweden  Value=3ipcs
    -Sweden made concessions to both Allies and Axis during the war, though perhaps more to the Axis, including tons of iron ore per year.  However, Sweden was declared non-belligerent during the war due to allowing volunteers to aid Finland against the Soviet Union.  Sweden’s military defense budget sky-rocketed from the 30’s on to help allow itself to remain sovereign.

    3 Infantry, 2 Artillery

    **Additonal bonus, the ability to close the Baltic Straits when controlling both Sweden and Northwestern Europe to enemy naval passage.

  • Steps for interaction of these nations:

    **1–**These nations can only be attacked by Axis nations.

    **2–**When attacked, Spain has special rule about Split Loyalties.  Axis rolls 1 die.  If Germany is attacking, a roll of 1 will swing Spain to join the Axis freely.  If Italy is attacking, a roll of 1 or 2 will swing Spain to join the Axis.  Anything else will keep Spain defensive and will result in combat.

    **3–**After combat, if countries fall, their IPC value becomes whichever Axis nation captured them.  if the invasion fails, they remain neutral and their armies are returned to pre-invasion numbers at the end of the round.  Further, if Spain holds, no further chance of joining the Axis freely.  This was a one time roll.

    **4–**The Allies will never invade the neutral countries listed while neutral, but can invade (ie liberate) if they are captured by Axis.  When captured, they become a protectorate of that Allied power and their IPCs go to the liberating country.

    **5–**Allied ICs cannot be build in these countries when liberated, however if held by the Axis, they can build ICs, and if liberated by the Allies, they can utilize these ICs.

  • You could add coup rules for Spain (let allies attack it). Franco had many guerrilla resistance groups against him (called “maquis”) until early 50’s, so it’s not difficult imagine some Spanish joining allies and fighting for freedom against Franco. You could add Split Loyalties rules also for allies, 1 for USA and UK and 2 for soviets (if they somehow manage reach Spain, because the commie party was the most active resistance group until democracy finally came)

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    You know, I think if you just applied the Neutral Violation rules from Classic you’d be fine.

    *The first nation to invade a neutral territory pays 3 IPC to the bank.
    *After a neutral has been invaded, it can be taken by any opposing nation without financial penalty
    *Neutrals are worth 0 IPC (but could be strategic staging grounds even if they are worth no income.)
    *Invading a Neutral territory ends your movement - thus you may not blitz into and then out of them in the same round.

    The only exceptions I think I would institute is the Sahara to keep the difficulty in taking and liberating Africa and Mongolia to keep Japan from having a 3 IPC shortcut around China.  Those would just be made impassible territories.

    The Sahara could be said to be too powerful a desert or something because otherwise you could run from Algeria down to Fr. West Africa/Fr. Equatorial Africa to easily.  Also, Libya would lose importance as a buffer state between the Allied forces in Algeria and the Axis forces in Egypt.

    Mongolia could be said to be too mountainous or something because otherwise you could put up IC’s in Manchuria and Kaisang and race to Novosibirsk in two or three rounds with your infantry instead of the five rounds it currently takes.

  • Himalayas and Afganistan should be also impassable

  • Maybe those neutrals should have a standing army/navy/air units that you have to either convince to join your side, or attack and take them by force.

  • There has always been something unsatisfying to me about the whole neutral countries aspect of AA, whether, back in Classic or now.  If the world is at war, then merely someone declaring that they are neutral or non-belligerent is not going to keep everyone else out.  Germany had plans to invade all of these countries and others beyond, but for fluctuating reasons historically they did not while the Allies were more restrained.  Now, total war could change all that again, but that’s not what I’m thinking.

    I hate unnecessarily muddying the waters with additional rules but from a historic perspective the difference between the Allied and the Axis powers on violating national sovereignty’s was a big part of what kept the war out of these countries for most of the war.

    I’ve tried the Classic scenario, but the US simply starts dropping into Spain immediately as it’s the same seazone as Morocco.  Talk about opening a 2nd front quickly.  USSR can perhaps too easily grab Turkey and hold it via Caucus.  For the other countries, in my experience the Classic rules would be more doable, even out to places in South America, Africa and Europe though Mongolia, Himalayas, Afghanistan and the Sahara could be left impassible.  Movement rules of the game are more dependent on these than the others.
      For Classic neutral rules to be adapted to AA50, you would have to look at at least these two countries in regards to Axis only attacking, or perhaps varying cost to attack IPC-wise for Axis vs Allies.  3 for the Axis may need to be 5 or 6 for the Allies.

    @ Funcioneta
      Spain is a gateway of historical possibilities to the game, with the Blue legion fighting for Germany and millions given to the democratic and communist Allies from banished patriots.  I could definitely see opening Spain to both sides Split Loyalties more easily than any others.  If the game continued to show tilt towards the Axis Spain could be the lynch-pin to fix rather than a bid.

  • Maybe if you want to keep it more simplified and not have the extra armies fighting and such, you could use a hybrid of your initial post and the classic rules.

    For the Axis, they could invade, and pay the 3-ipc penalty plus the value of the territory, but they would gain back the value of the territory at the end of the turn.  So if Turkey is worth 3, it would cost 6 to invade (covers the material aspect of the war and reconstruction for Axis use) and then they begin collecting those 3 back at the end of the turn.  So you would have to have 6 to begin with, even though it only really costs 3 to invade.

    For the Allies, they can only liberate these countries.

    I’m swayed as far as Spain goes though, you could do the rolls and try and induce diplomatic alignment and no ipc cost.  Though I would make it easier for the Axis, maybe  roll of 1 or 2, and for the Allies, only a roll of 1.

    For places like Himalayas, Sahara, Mongolia, i agree, they should remain impassible.

  • I think diplomacy complicates things too much.  How about this rule: if you invade a neutral, all other neutral countries join the other side.

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    Well a couple of things:

    Spain should be at 4IPC: 4 inf, 1 ARM ,1 art, 1 fighter, 1 DD, 1 AP
    Turkey at 3: 4 Inf, 1 Arm, 1 Art, 1 AP
    Arabia at 2: 1 INf
    Sweden at 3: 3 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Arm, 1 AP
    each South American nation gets 2 Inf, and each African neutral gets 1 Inf

    Sweden provides 1 IPC to Germany each turn as aid as long as they are neutral
    Spain can loan out its armor division representing the blue division to Germany while neutral.

    Diplomatic is done like Technology except you cant buy it: each side targets one ally per turn and its converted on a roll of 6. If its converted you pay IPC equal in cost to value and then you can use the forces, but you dont collect any money. The only way to collect income is by direct occupation and violate its neutrality.

    Either side allies or axis can do this at any time, but you must defeat all its land forces. If it has any leftover naval or air they can be ‘interned’ by the other side and converted (replaced) with its own pieces.

    problem solved easily.

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