• Can you noncom an AA out of a newly captured territory?


  • my guess would be no, based on the non combat rule that states / in this phase, you can move any of your units that did not move in the Combat Move phase /
    because the AA gun was not controlled at the start of the turn, i doubt that moving the AA gun would be a legal move

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I would agree, since AA Guns were not allowed to be moved the round they were captured in Classic or Revised either, it only makes sense that they would carry that rule over to Anniversary.

    Anyway, the AA Gun WAS used in combat.  It might not have gotten to shoot at enemy aircraft, but it was attacked and thus, it did defend. It just didn’t have any valid targets, right?

  • i think that if the AA gun was used in combat,
    i.e. if the attacker used aircraft, that would be a definite no non combat move, however, if the the AA gun can be moved ( which i doubt ) it would have to be when there are no aircraft with the attacking force,

    because the AA gun is not controlled at the start of the attackers combat move, the AA gun is not moveable by the attacking player that captured the territory

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