• I play game in league and question about who own Anti Aircraft gun.

    Germany have Anti Aircraft and Infantry in Karelia S.S.R. at end of Germany turn.  United Kingdom attack Karelia S.S.R. and take from Germany putting Karelia S.S.R. under Russia control.

    Is Anti Aircraft then control by Russia as owner of Karelia S.S.R. or by United Kingdom as winner of combat that take Anti Aircraft from Germany?  I find old topic here that look like Russia own Anti Aircraft after fight but opponent in game not agree.

    Old topic I find

    Game I play

  • Liberated AAs become the color of the territory.  So if the british liberate a soviet territory with an aa, the aa becomes soviet.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Yes, it is the territory owner that gets it.
    In your example,  the AA goes to the Soviets.

    A long time ago, we played this totally incorrect. I think the AA went to the original owner … :roll:

    Like if the IND AA had walked up to CAU, and the territory then was liberated by Americans, the AA became British.  🙂

  • Official Q&A

    The FAQ was recently amended on Larry Harris’ site to remove all ambiguity on this point.  It now reads as follows:

    Q.  If I liberate a friendly power’s territory, what happens to the antiaircraft guns and industrial complexes there?
    A.  They are returned to the control of the original controller of the territory.

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