• that would be a fearsome combo,

    i would fear the heavy bomber’s most of all, long range is useful, possibly for a double S.B.R. combo against japan by the u.s. and russia, i am still not conviced about paratroopers,

    putting the three together and calling that the best combo, sound’s good, although, pick the bones out of those three tech’s and there is very little support, heavy bomber’s / not contested, the best support for a large scale attack, long range, not always usable, paratroopers / the same as regular bomber’s, except the carry 1 infantry abilty,

    consider this for a combo, rockets / uncontestable S.B.R. / no radar or AA gun can stop a rocket attack /
    jet fighter’s / attack 4, defend 4 / twice as powerful as bomber’s / for 3 I.P.C. less /
    heavy bomber’s / two attack dice /

    with the S.B.R. capability of heavy bomber’s and rockets, the S.B.R damage could be crippling,

    i would still consider paratroopers a minor tech, the cost of building the bombers must be a nuisance,
    and when those bomber’s are lost, or despathced by AA gun and radar the idea of a rebuild and failure a number of times, i would think could be very discouraging to the attacker,
    however there are bullish player’s out there, and i would relish the prospect of facing a 1 dimensional attacker that somehow think’s that they have been unlucky,
    however if paratrooper tech has become available to a opponent, it becomes too expensive after 3 > 4 turns without progress,
    realistically, how many bombers could a player build without going over the edge or crossing the line to the point where there is no balance to the attack force, and paratroopers are being flown around, with nothing to support them, radar and jet fighter’s would soon sort a player that would lean too heavily toward paratrooper tech,
    a player immersed with paratrooper tech is the folly of a low level strategist, a nuisance surely, not a game breaker, a I.P.C. breaker,

  • the cost of building bombers to deliver 1 infantry to a battle is too much to suatain during the early rounds, unless a game would go for around 20 rounds or more i could not entertain the logistics, the longest game that i played went on for 9 rounds top’s

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