• Ok lets take what we know about the major powers of World War II and create a “how could” and “what if” discussion out of it.

    Main Axis Powers:
    Germany, Italy, Japan

    Main Allied Powers: USA, Britain, and the Red Army.

    What do the allies have that the Axis does not? A hell of a lot more production and manpower. Maybe not Britain as much as Soviet Russia and the United States.

    Soviet Russia and the USA’s industries were pumping out thousands of vehicles, and their populations supported large amounts of infantry, pilots, and vehicle crewman. Soviet Russia had moved its industries back further into Russia when they knew there was a possibility of invasion. United States was virtually in no threat of being invaded by either side and was probably fairly confident they could defend against a ground invasion from Japan/Germany if they were actually crazy enough to try it.

    Britain’s industries were not as large as USA’s or Russia’s, but Britain was on a practically impregnable island that would of been a hell job for the Germans to take out. Also, Britain’s industry was being supported by the USA.

    Take the contrast: The Axis Powers.

    Germany and its industry was relatively small in comparison to the United States and Russia, both of which were already beasts in terms of manpower and industrial power. After Germany had control of mainland Europe, it provided a nice boost in industry to them, but most of it was being drained away on the Eastern front, because despite what the Germans could do in terms of manpower and industrial capacity, they still couldn’t match the Soviets who had practically every non-combat citizen working 16 hours a day making everything from small arms rifles to assembling tanks.

    Italy was relatively small in terms of population and size compared to the rest of the major allies. Its army lacked motivation when it came to fighting, lost morale when it took a beating in North Africa, and had neither the civilian support, industrial capacity, nor population to manipulate in order to continue fighting a war over Africa.

    Japan started fighting because it lacked resources to start with. Its primary goal was to build a war machine by conquering the resources of China, East Asia, and the Dutch East Indies. It was spread all over hell on islands, lacking both manpower and resources to properly supply all their forces. When in a conflict with the beast of manpower that China was able to summon (Not necessarily organized and/or equipped manpower, just pure manpower), and in a conflict with the United States which was now coming across the Pacific, what hope did the tiny Island nation really have to outproduce the USA?

    My point being, could the Axis really have had any hope to actually win the war when the industrial capacity and manpower was favoring the allies? I mean, no one was touching the United States other than the Japs taking some islands, therefore the United States factories would’ve been operating at full capacity for years had the war dragged on that long. Germany started conscripting young boys and old men into its army for god’s sake while the United States was still receiving volunteers.

    We never invaded Japan, but had we successfully landed on one the islands, and Japan not surrendered, we would’ve eventually been fighting Children and Old Men there as well, with fresh recruits pouring in from the states, being properly equipped by huge industry, and heading off to the fight.


  • I use the chess analogy, Germany had to make some different moves from mid 30’s to win the war.

    Then allies had to make same moves, if not then we’re back to square one.

    1. No big surface warships, or all of them used against UK.
    If used against UK, fine if you win, if not then make tanks and fighters instead.

    2. No rockets, make Panthers or Tigers instead. Germany could have 2400 more Tiger 1 tanks, or maybe twice the number of Panther tanks instead of rockets.

    3. Before Dunkirk, you make a decision, either UK is with you or UK is an enemy. If UK still fights Germany then you do not let that 350.000 allied soldiers free. War is hell!!!

    4. All in against UK, finish UK before Barbarossa, or just leave UK alone, all in against Russia.

    5. No African campaign whatsoever before Moscow falls or UK surrenders, or become neutral. Use African forces against UK or Russia.

    6. Hitler stay out of all decisions which is related to military aspects, except he tells his general to conquer most of Europe, it’s the generals war, not the president, prime minister or the fuhrer.

    7. All in against Moscow, it’s a gamble anyway, but if Moscow falls, maybe then US would stay out, negotiate peace with UK or UK surrender. Hope to hold Moscow as long as possible. “Gott mit uns”.  :evil:

    8. Fill in…. :roll:

  • Moderator

    Yes The Axis Powers Had a Huge chance to win the War.

    But the Problem lies in the Fact that the Axis Powers decided to take them (the Allies) all on at one time.

    It is so simple it is Scary how close the world could have come under the control of 2 Flags only.

    But again Greed and Stupidity plays a Huge Factor again.

    Axis Game Plan

    1st step
    Conquer the United kingdom first and fore most. This also includes her colonies of Austarlia, Afrika, the Middle East and India.

    2nd Step
    After The UK ceases to exist, Sign the EurAsian Tripact Agreement.
    Japan and Germany together Attack Russia

    3rd step
    Germany, Russia and Japan Gang up on USA.
    Germany and Japan Attack USA

    4th Step
    War over.  Axis Win

  • it’s true that Germany came close to possibily knocking the UK out of the war, but no one knows for sure. and i highly doubt that the US would simply sit back and watch a nation it has invested large amounts of equipment in (lend-lease agreement, which also supplied other allied nations). they didn’t trade this for military bases they would never utilise after all  😉

    obviously it makes sense now that the Germans should have dealt with UK first (if they could), as Churchill was never going to give in to German demands while he held the reigns. the problem lays with the Soviet Union though. treaties were signed, and negotiations were even initiated to bring the Soviets into the axis pact, so any number of events could have occured differently to change the over-all process of the war

    maybe we should look at one ‘what if’ at a time? you could look at Germany preparing her economy for war much earlier on, or what would have happened if the Luftwaffe never switched to bombing cities over airfields and industry?

  • @Subotai:

    6. Hitler stay out of all decisions which is related to military aspects, except he tells his general to conquer most of Europe, it’s the generals war, not the president, prime minister or the fuhrer.

    I agree 110%, if Hitler was kept out of the military aspect I’d probably be writing in German now

  • @bbrett3:


    6. Hitler stay out of all decisions which is related to military aspects, except he tells his general to conquer most of Europe, it’s the generals war, not the president, prime minister or the fuhrer.

    I agree 110%, if Hitler was kept out of the military aspect I’d probably be writing in German now

    Well France surrendered in WW2 and I can write (somewhat) in French…

    Another thing I’d add for Germany merely on a logistical level is the Final Solution and their treatment of people in occupied territories.  I know it probably added some labor and produced some wealth, but the truth is that it took a lot of attention, time, and resources that dampened their war effort. Not to mention being pretty evil, but we aren’t talking about that here.

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    Abridged version of what Nickiow wrote:


    From now on no more cut, copy, and paste. Just make points and use links instead to support them.

  • Well said MasterChief096. The only way to victory for the Axis was a short decisive war.

    In Boxing terms the fight needed to last no longer than three rounds.

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