• I got AAD-Day last week, and it seems like Germany wins. No allies winning just Germany. Is there a strategy for the allies in this one? Or is it just Germany wins?  :? It would help alot, if someone replied. Thanks!

    Mad Pup

  • Because reinforcements are decided more by dice and not by choice, and the combat is only 1 round at a time, I’ll generalize my view.

    Too often the Allies split everything and try to do it all.  They send UK to Caen, and split US to Cherbourg/StLo.  Concentrate your initial fire more to the UK landing zones to clear a beach or two and get into Caen.  as soon as the beaches open there though you can start sending UK to StLo as well.  Then open beaches for US, and US needs more to cut off reinforcements to Cherbourg than to immediately attack it,  because you can get reinforcements to it much quicker than StLo can be reinforced by Axis. 
    Because Axis can quickly get to StLo, you need as much time there as possible, but can usually clean up StLo later in the game as you wear down Axis who aren’t being resupplied.

    At least that’s been my experience in putting the allies in better position to win.

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    Only divert minimal forces to Cherbourg. Drive hard and fast on Caen allowing UK to assist at St. Lo.  Attempt to overrun the reinforcement zones in the center of the board and at Caen forcing more Axis reinforcements under the guns of Allied planes and using the stacking limit to slow their arrival.

    Do not use the fortune cars. The random event that limits the number of Allied units that can land pretty much wins it for the Axis.

    Seek house rules or simply extend the game to 12 turns.

  • Use the fighters to punish any German movement to St Lo.

  • I have a&a D Day for more than 7 months . It looks nice, however We have  failed to defeat Germany. I saw some tactics here on the forum, but could somebody tell me any clear and precise strategy for allies, step by step. How to defeat Germans?

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