• In scenario 2 the Italian army is counter-attacking
    Italy 125 pts
    Americans 100 pts

    With More German resistance it will tougher. Considering many of your own units are Brand new to the Campaign.
    German Troops have almost eclipsed the Italian army. Italians are mainly part of a German Squad
    Location: North-Central Sicily


    Rifle squad (25)
    M1 garand x5
    RD CPT x1
    BAR x1

    Rienforce Rifle squad (25)
    M1 Garand x4
    RD CPT x1
    BAR x2

    Infantry support squad (25)
    Bazooka x2
    BAR x1
    M1 Gar. x3
    RD CPT x1

    Under-Strength Sherman SPRT SCTN (25)
    M4a1 sherman x1
    M1 Gar. x1

    Tank Command Team (50)
    M4a1 x2
    Rd CPT x1
    M1 Gar. x2


    Axis Rifle Squad (25)
    Mauser x3
    Blcksrts x2
    Stlwrt lt x1

    Whrmcht Rifle Squad (25)
    Mauser x4
    Whrmcht OLT x1 (can use a Stlwrt LT instead)
    Blcksrts x2 (1 can be a Brixia mortar)

    Panzer-Grenadier squad (50)
    SDKFZ 251 x4
    Panzergrenadier x3
    Pnzrfst x1
    L3/35 x1

    Panzer/Blackshirt Section (25)
    Pnzr III x1
    Blcksrts x2

    Panzer Command Team (50)
    PNZR II x2
    PNZR III x1
    Stlwrt Lt x1   (or a Pnzrfst)

    The Map needs shell holes, Cities,Hills and forests

    Americans Deploy on their (they coose) side
    Italians come from the opposite area

    USA wins if they survive till turn 8
    Italy wins if they destroy 75% of american forces ands occupy 1 hex of each of :Hill,City and shellholes
    OR destroy all US forces

    Just like the last one tell me what needs clarifications or changes

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