• Location: A few miles en-land from Gela Beach

    Discription: A fight to gain ground against the Kingdom of Italy

    Scenario/campain rules: All scenarios in this campaign; units will purchased in squads or teams

    Map needs: Hills,No roads or towns, and needs trees

    Campagn notice: In this campaign you will follow a regiment through its times in europe from Sicily to Normandy

    American Army             100pts
    Italian Defensive Army   100pts


    Rifle squad (25)
    M1 Garand x5
    Red devil Captian x1
    Bar gunner x1

    Reienforced rifle squad (25)
    M1 Garand x4
    Rg captian x1
    BAR gunner x2

    AT infantry squad (25)
    M1 Garand x3
    RD captian x1
    Bazooka x1
    Jeep x1

    Sherman Support section (25)
    M4a1 sherman x1
    M1 Garand x2

    Sherman tank team (50)
    M4a1 sherman x2
    Bazooka x2


    Blackshirt Squad (25)

    Blackshirts x4
    Stlwrt lt x1
    Brxa mrtr x1

    Reinforced Infantry squad (25)
    Pnzrfst x1
    stlwrt lt x1

    German AT squad (25)
    Mauser x2
    blcksrt x2
    pnzrfst x2
    whmcht olt x1

    Tankette support section (25)
    l3/35 x2
    Pnzrfst x1

    Panzer tank section (50)
    Pnzr III x2
    Pnzr II x2

    Americans must inflict 50% of casulties on Italy
    Italy must keep 51% of its units by turn 8

    Tell me if you need any clearification on anything and please tell me any changes or your ideas about it.
    Also tell me (if you played) how it was.

    I already can post campaigns 1 and 2 and all their scenarioes but will release 1-3 a week  If I have time!
    I also know you are not supposed to use platoons but I thought this would make it easier on me and hopefully you.

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