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    The sole purpose of this new forum category is to post news about Axis & Allies games and to discuss that news.

    News can be almost anything: new game announcements, new game rumors, new scenarios for minis available, release dates, when Avalon Hill posts something to the website, and events.

    Since there is also an events section, double posting between this forum and the events forum will be allowed only for major events.

  • 2007 AAR League

    we’ve just had a new game released, why the need for a news form.
    it has to because someone (read: djensen…) have some secret info of yet another game…… 😮

    alright, at least i’ve managed to start a rumour  🙂

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    It’s just the opposite. I haven’t done much with the site in a long time. I’ve checked the Avalon Hill website and there isn’t much there. Usually when the new breaks about a new game, it is a few weeks before I find out.

    I’m relying on you guys to let me know about news in the board game and minis world. 🙂

  • No news or even hints or even rumors of AA Stalingrad???

  • I typed A&A Stalingrad in google, all i found was a map pdf that didn’t look up to par.

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