• just got the anniversary edition last month… we have a group of 3-4 players on a constant basis, but would like to get a full 5-6 player game going on.  anyway, if your in the central Kentucky area and would like to join us on Tuesday nights (approx 6pm) just drop me a pm… I will get you directions, and some contact info.

  • Berea Ky, still playing Tuesday at 6pm.  We are playing 1940 Global now (alpha 2, awaiting alpha 3 rule changes), we have 4 consistent players (couple years now I have been playing since 92, and two of the others since 96, one since 2004).  If you are in the area and would like to join us please contact here, I will shoot you my phone number and directions.  I generally cook food for everyone involved, but it is byob hope that doesn’t offend anyone.

    Also, games are very casual and generally take 2 weeks as we only play till 10pm, some times 11pm if we are burning the midnight oil. I have a room devoted to the game so it isn’t disturbed.

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