Is there somewhere you can buy more plastic pieces?

  • i would like to get double the plastic pieces if  thats even possible without buying another whole board game.Does anyone know where you can just get more AA50 plastic pieces?

  • niice IL,

    It’s not about beating the system, it’s about breaking it.

    on a side not, Field Marshal Games is looking into replacement pieces, but you won’t be getting them tomorrow.  If all goes well, they’ll be good though.

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    just wait for Field Marshall Games.

    If you go with metals all the plastic pieces your using will be invalidated, plus metals are 10X the cost easily.

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    You could be a real fan, and have multiple copies of Axis and Allies, all the way back to the 80’s.

    I think I have something like 18 boxes?  Nothing is better then those RED japanese pieces, from the early releases of Pacific.
    And nothing more horrible, then the HALF size panther tanks that came with Dday and early revised :S

  • IL

    Are you really recommending to people to cheat and lie and steal?  :?

    I hope this a joke or hopefully it is inartfully written sarcasm!  😄

    You enjoy their products to an incredible degree, you obviously have enjoyed hundreds if not thousands of hours of pleasure from playing the games, you are writing about the games constantly and you are inventing imaginative scenarios, rules and other fabulous variants derived from the Axis & Allies “system,” yet you are promoting this kind of behavior?

    Say it’s not so, IL!

    I for one hope not. This behavior is not to be condoned.


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    Why not use 15mm or 20mm metal figures?, there are plenty to chose from, especialy if your able to paint them up yourself, 10mm or 6mm AFV and Aircraft also blend in well.


    If you go with metals all the plastic pieces your using will be invalidated, plus metals are 10X the cost easily.

    And if cost is no object, like it is for me while I attempt to finish up my ultimate Axis and Allies Table (with replaceable insert so you can swamp out Anniversary for Revised) is there a place to get metal pieces that are unique for each nation?  I’d really like Zeros for Japan, Mustangs for America, Stukas for Germany, etc, if possible.  Heck, I’d settle for Lightnings for America as long as they were different for each nation. 🙂

    PS, scrapping the illuminated board.  Can’t work it out for both Revised and Anniversary, it was hard enough to do for just Revised.

    IL, on your beautiful, and very large, map, why did you paint Manchuria and Kaingsu gold like Japan instead of green like China?

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    Well, it’s just confusing to people since they are territories that get liberated for China, not original orange territories for Japan.

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    Well, it’s just confusing to people since they are territories that get liberated for China, not original orange territories for Japan.

    Thats why they both have the Chinese roundel next to the Japanese roundel, to indicate that if China can take them they get the IPC.

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    Okay, but if Russia takes them, China still gets control.

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    well thats why there are no Soviet tokens in China. The control icon makes it easier to see who can possibly legally get control and who starts with it.

  • On this principal matter I side with IL.

    Already back in the early 90’s when I was playing Classic we needed more chips and more pieces.

    Chips are easy, but the pieces are not. It would not cost WOTC much, in production costs, to sell pieces separately, and with so many flavors of A&A I bet many who bought either AA50, AAR, AAP, BoB, AAE etc. would like to buy separate pieces. If then WOTC makes profit on selling separate pieces they should do it. Simple as that.

  • But the honesty and fairness must start somewhere.  Honesty and fairness breeds honesty and fairness.  You can’t expect to cheat others so that they will treat you fairly.  As a former long-time employee of a very large retailer, I have to say that from a company’s point of view 1 well-written letter from a customer will make MUCH MORE of an impact on corporate policy than 100 cheats.  I’ve read a lot of complaining on this website, but I would be surprised if more than 1-2% of the people who are complaining so much have ever written a well thought-out letter to Hasbro, WOTC, OR Avalon Hill explaining their concerns(not just gripes).

    Finally a voice of reason.  Good job Bardoly.

    PS: Don’t post anymore.  You have the number of the beast. 😉

  • That’s why I said, “Write a letter.”  In this electronic age, for some reason, a letter usually makes much more of an impact than phone calls, e-mails, and/or website posts.  It shows that the issue is important enought to you to go through the time and hassle of writing and mailing a physical letter and also indicates that you put some thought into it as well.

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    I’ve got an idea.

    Bardoly, you write a letter, the most professional, beautifully composed letter you have ever written, using all your years of retail experience to muster up the perfect letter, and then return and report how WOTC responds to your prose.

    If the months go by, and they don’t respond, or they respond with some type of company form letter that says how grateful they are for your comments, but nothing changes, you’ll be good enough to tell us about it.

    If they do change their ways and by some miracle start selling the pieces, all hats are off to you and many people will return to post on this board to thank you for you great work and insight.

    My money is on nothing changing, but I’d be more than happy to be proved wrong.

  • Why does the burden of truth have to lie with Bardoly?  He’s not the one clamoring for new pieces.  It just seems like you’re passing the buck off to him because you’re too lazy to write one yourself.  At least make it a joint effort.

    I agree with Bardoly.  In this electronic age a formal letter has more weight than an e-mail or a phone call to the customer service department.  A “real” letter has the best chance of reaching people who are in a position to do something.

    I would write one myself, but my quarrel is not with the number of pieces but with the quality of pieces themselves.  And for that I rather have FMG.

  • WOTC dont even listen to Larry Harris who design this games. What in the burning hell makes you think they will listen to some unknown kid ?

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    If one comes on here and makes a bold statement about how something should be done and does so in somewhat of an arrogant manner, then I would suggest that that person has assumed an implied duty to verify their statement; especially if such proof is as easy as writting a letter.  Maybe Bardoly did not have a “burden of proof” before he decided to condescend to IL, but that changed when he decided to get on his soap box and to make the post that he did.

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    Ok ill take the leadership on this and write the damm latter.


    It has come to my attention by many who own and regularly play Axis and Allies boardgames that players often find a shortage of pieces and require extra sets due in part to breakage issues and the desire to avoid using chips to designate quantity of what is on the game board.
        It seems to be at least that many often this question has been raised repeatedly by phone calls and countless posts on the main Axis and Allies site and the basic answer we seem to receive is: 1) either were working on it and will offer it shortly or 2) we have no plans to sell pieces separately…so just buy another game.

    For such non-action from WOTC to accommodate players in this manner just shows a lack of consideration because the cost of developing the pieces was overcome and there is a genuine need and demand for them. So it stands to reason that WOTC could make a decent profit in selling them separately because you have already overcome development costs. Also, their is NO proven financial relationship to not selling pieces and instead selling another game. Many players wont buy another game, but they will buy pieces and you stand to make alot of money because you didn’t realize the potential.

    I and many feel that the way you will handle this issue will again be met by some obstacle to its implementation, because frankly WOTC has seldom done much to answer its critics and has just done what it wants to do. Again this is what i have read countless times on all the various forums over the years.

    I figure to sell the pieces at $10.00 rather than $5.00, with AA50 going for $20.00 to reflect the overall quantity in this game.

    I would sell the following pieces:

    Axis and Allies Revised  $10.00
    Axis and Allies Anniversary edition  $20.00
    Axis and Allies D-Day  $5.00

    The other games all contain these pieces and are not needed. As you may know this is a very real need and as i said before people are not going to buy another game just so they can have more pieces.

    blah blah blah…

  • Good effort.

    Personally, I would rather coat my barbs with honey than vinegar. 
    I’m busy at the moment, but if this thread is still alive in two weeks, I’ll use this draft is the basis of my own letter to Wizards.

    Though, while I’m at, are you guys really running out of pieces or scared of running out of pieces?  There’s a difference between “Shoot, I’m out of Japanese infantry!” and “Crap, I only have two more Japanese planes left – someone needs to do something.”  Also some people like pieces instead of chips – for example, 2 planes on an carrier instead of 1 plane + 1 chip.  It makes a difference.

    For me it’s more of the latter because I try to consolidate my pieces as much as possible (forces are more powerful when grouped together), instead of having them scattered across the board.  Granted there’s an exception to every rule and there always a game where Italy grows to insane proportions.  But even in the long, protracted games where Japan is abnormally large, I still haven’t found myself running out of pieces.

    So is it really worth it?

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    People want them and it does not matter why. If we got cash and WOTC can make a profit, then why not make both happy. But the problem with chimps is they are minimalist and do the least amount of work to get by, so likely the guy will file the letter in the “T” for trash and go back to eating bananas.

  • @TG:

    Personally, I would rather coat my barbs with honey than vinegar.

    wouldn’t that still mean sticking somebody with sharp barbs?

    “Ooowwwwww-eeeee!!  But hey, is that honey?  Aaaahh, how nice…”


  • Maybe I’ll write a play about it,

    perhaps a tragico-comedy,

    better still a historico-tragico-comedy perhaps?

    I’ll make it surpass MacBeth or even Hamlet!

    Entitle it the “Lament of the Avalon Hill Game Players”

    I’ll bring back King Lear lamenting his condition;

    maybe even bring back Henry V, a man of action who get’s things done!

    Alas alas: “Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie”

    Each of us can inform WOTC of our wishes

    here’s how:

    **Wizards of the Coast LLC
    1600 Lind Ave. SW, Ste. 400
    Renton, WA 98055

    Mailing Address:
    Wizards of the Coast LLC
    PO Box 707
    Renton, WA 98057

    Phone: 425-226-6500


    which ever way you feel comfortable with, let them know of your wishes

    stealing and lying and cheating as a policy of this website is contemptible

    Remember this saying, I wish I had said it first:

    “A thief believes everybody steals.”

    It is sad if you believe that.

  • No pussy letter will help. You must call them, in person. Tell them it is a bomb in the building, and you are gonna freekin blow them up if they dont make extras. And this kind of threat is not illegal, you yankees bomb people all over the globe every day, so you cant complain if the WOTC building blows up. WTF, they do make war games after all. Now this is my take on this issue. This is how we would do it in Norway.

  • or we could put a sex-bomb in their bed, now that would make things running, for sure.

  • hey, they are americans, we could bribe them

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