• Im currently in a game with a three other people at school and it is currently not looking very good for me and by allie.  I’m the us and uk, and obviously my allie is the ussr.  We are currently suck in the middle of a turn(can’t play long at school) and the next move is Uk.  Germany is knocking on Moscow’s door and the ussr player just wasted all of his remaining forces last turn(not taking my advice)  and is now partially surrounded with only 4 tanks defending moscow.  Germany has italy defending france and just got about 60 ipc last turn.  Germany has a huge number of tanks(at least twenty), maybe 5 airplanes, and no navy.  It will take me two turns to be able to land forces at archangel to save moscow.  Uk has a fairly large atlantic fleet and controls sea zones around europe (not med. italy controls mediterrean with starting forces)  am currently building up forces for d day.  japan is being controlled by another player who doesn’t really understand what to do and has a largly spread out navy in the south pacific.  Uk can defend india.  Japan contols chinese coast and a has a couple ground forces in alaska.  the us has a huge naval force in pursuit of jap navy while also island hopping.  am stuck with what to do with us though.  Us fleet is position to invade japan, but ran that option through the calculater and only have a 5% chance of success.  Will take 3 turns for us to build up and arrive at japan w/ reinforcements.  once ussr falls the player will control uk(only four players so at least everyone can keep playing),and i think the ussr player will scuander the uk forces once he has contol.  Is it possible to win when allies have contol of the sea and no ussr and a wasteful uk?

  • Even though the goal is taking victory cities and not just capitols, once a capitol is taken and held, it will be very difficult to recover.  It doesnt sound like you have near enough forces in range to retake Russia, especially if Germany is ready to engage with 20 or more tanks.  Once they take that capitol, they have the IPC, the production capacity, and all of Russia’s saved money.  Its projected at that point you will lose, but play on I have seen some crazy turnarounds in games, always play till the end.

  • played 2 day……us fleet takes iwo jima and puts a couple subs in sz that contains japan. 
    uk fleet blocks italia’s fleet in med.  on atlantic side uk forces take norway w/ 1 tank
    ussr reinforces moscow and a uk fighter assists.
    germany’s turn next

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