• Does anybody know how to purchase the CD-ROM version of this game? I have a copy, but my brother-in-law does not. And I can’t seem to locate a copy of it. I am trying to get him back into the game. The only way we can play it is online because he lives quite a few miles away. If anyone has some ideas, they would be greatly appreciated. I live in the Chicagoland area if that helps.


    P.S.- I have been out to the eBay & Amazon.com auction sites and what they want is obnoxious.

    Erik R. Nelson

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  • I think you can buy the game in some pack of 4 games, I forget the specifics though.

  • http://www.interactcd.com
    $39.95 plus shipping.
    I ordered mine on a THursday and it arrived on Monday.

  • 40$ + shipping? i got mine for $10 without. I happened to find it in a toy store, hell i was soo glad, i didnt even know there was a cd version.

  • $40 is obscene.There is a multipack with A&A,SMAC,Panzer General 2 and Army Men for $20.

  • i often play panzer general 2 its a nice game.

  • Where is this multipack sold?

  • I just bought the four pack at media play. It comes with Alpha Centuari, Army Men, and Panzer General 2. It’s a pretty good deal, because they are awesome games, except army men.

  • hey guys, im leaving this board for a while 😄 cya guys, i might come back in the summer, it was great being here as i got to know new friends and improved my game a lot. Thanks all.


  • Try Best buy or comp USA. And Army men is an awsome game, dont hate on it

  • I didn’t mean to put it that way really, army men is a good game, but in my opinion it doesn’t compare to alpha centuari and panzer general, and axis and allies

  • I got the 4-pack but it wont load onto windows xp, so it was a waste of $$$$.

  • Yes, a lot of old games (particular dos-based) won’t load into WIndows XP. Let’s hope you have access to a computer with windows 95, 98.

  • I got the CD-ROM version years ago at Sam’s Club. I don’t know that they still stock it, but they have discounted PC games of some sort on the shelf at all times. My CD-ROM was version 1.0.0. After playing it a few times, I decided it better have an online update for me to download, or it was worthless. That was when I discovered the 1.3.3 version to download. Just a wee bit better than 1.0.0. 😄

  • Yeah, with 1.3 I expected Hasbro to really revamp the AI in A&A and fix a lot of the bugs/illegal rules. However, all 1.3 really does is fix problems with internet play.

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