New modern A&A variation - Superpowers

  • I have created an awesome modern variation of axis & allies with a new modern board, new improved rules and new pieces including artillery, nuclear missiles, general, national leaders and more!

    Also have a free online version for anyone who wants to play. Its turn based, but improved over a&a because you can take your turn by yourself without having the opponent online.

  • WTF  😮

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    I ordered 6 copies of this game, but i think instead of that picture people really need to see some closeups of what is going on. I can barely see whats going on.

  • Here are some closeups of the pieces. I will upload some actual board pics soon.

  • Look IL, a fat sub, just the way you love them. Yes sir, I know about your feelings for the skinny thootpick policebaton subs from A&A. And yes, I will purchase this game just to get the tanks, hope it is in A&A scale. The tanks from Jeff’s War Game was not.

  • i hope it’s just that closeup, but it makes it look like the tank is only 1/4 of the size of the infantry, and the fighter and the artillery both look much bigger compared to the tank.

    CaptRick–I read somewhere someone said the board was like 19’ by 30 or 36… Can you clarify as to the actual specifications?

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    Well i got my 6 copies today…

    The pieces are a bit ‘Xeno-ish’  The artillery is the best piece and is perfect for heavy artillery if you want to use it for AA.

    The tank and the infantry are not good… they are really small especially the tank.

    The rockets are in AA scale and well as naval. IN fact the Battleship is an exact replica of the MB edition Battleship.

    The bombers are great for Fortress America pieces.

    The pieces generally except for naval are smaller than AA scale. The map and player aids and tokens are quite good quality.

    Its definatly worth it to buy a copy… NO DOUBT.  However, if your buying it for AA pieces ( like i did) you may be disappointed because its not in AA scale except the aforementioned pieces.

    The subs and transports are decent as well. The Carrier is kinda funky however.

  • IL, how big is the map?

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    19.5 x 33.25  its like the old MB AA map except it has a shinny coat.  Its pretty good actually.

    The pieces are on sprues and its taking a long time to separate the pieces. They need to get rid of the “hot pink” color and the bright green color and stick to normal military color scheme.

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    the factory is perfect for an AA minor factory or even a port. The generals holding the flags are great for AA generals or some Napoleonic game because they look kinda like a soldier from that era.

  • I actually re-scaled the tank, infantry & air defense pieces smaller after the first prototypes because countries were quickly getting overcrowded. The tank may have been scaled back too far, but I went for best play-ability, over cool looking stand alone pieces.

    Also, for colors, I went with playability over cool look. With axis & allies its some times difficult to tell pieces apart in low lighting. I wanted to maximize the play.

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    well i think it was a mistake, because the other pieces are not in scale. The artillery is great, but the tank looks like a rat standing next to an elephant by comparison. All the other pieces are in scale with each other generally, but the land pieces are strange. I wish you didn’t change the scale as most of us are used to crowded territories in Revised which have the same problem, but didn’t resort to making the pieces THAT small.

    Its still worth it to get this game. But if you print another run, go back to what you had before for the tanks and infantry.

  • If the green unit is the regular infantry; then what is the white flag bearer, a Commander?

    And the other standing/pointing white figure, what function does he serve?

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    one guy is your general and the other is the political leader or “ruler”

    if your ruler is not in your home territory you get more income. I think if he gets killed you lose the game

    the general can be killed but while he is around he aids in combat he fights in

  • I just got my copy today, and, first impression, I agree wholeheartedly with IL on some of the piece issues.  Here’s my two cents re colors & scales:

    1. Yes, the hot pink & bright green are a mistake.  A standard red & a dark green would have been more than ample differentiation, and not look so goofy.  I say either go with fairly standard primary & secondary colors (+ white, gray & black) or go back to A&A Revised colors, with a couple of additions.  Having too little contrast was a problem with the original A&A Brit & Japanese units, but going all the way to hot pink and bright green is definitely over-correcting, in my judgment.

    2. Yes, the tanks are way too small, to the point of looking ridiculous, plus I’m afraid that they’re to easy to lose, they’re so small.  I’m contemplating going with Eagle Games’s Civ tanks, which are one of their better sculpts, though the color won’t quite match (esp. that dratted hot pink & fluorescent green!).  I’m also contemplating using Fortress America and/ or Table Tactics pieces… though the latter has no foot infantry and has tanks that just aren’t up to the standard of Civ or Supremacy or Fortress America, and, being in A&A colors won’t really match any of the other options…

    3. Making some of your pieces so small for playability was a mistake, no doubt about it, because that’s what chips are for!  And don’t forget other options, like marshaling cards!  In my game variants, I like to combine this with the “leaders” concept by tying a large army and/or fleet to a specific leader; then the leader is the only thing that has to move, while all the other units can stay on the card (just like the way they did it in the old MB Gamemaster Series Shogun/ Samurai Swords).

    4. There’s 8 powers but only 6 player colors… is there an expansion on the way or something?

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    yes expansion this spring coming up.

    These guys move fast!

  • Moderator

    Ok i am not going to lie,

    and Hate me if you want, Butfrom that pic, the Best Piece from My assumption of what it is, is the Nuke. Honestly I do not Care for Any of the pieces, they look very Zenoish, and the Zeno pieces were Garbage, enough Said,

    The Map needs a Serious Face lift, it looks like the Zeno map with new colors, Not very arttractive IMO.

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    I agree that Xeno is crapola, but i see a few more useful pieces:

    the general
    the artillery unit
    the Nuke for rockets tech
    the landing craft for a new unit

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    which Artillery? the SAM? or that Huge Purple thing on Wheels?    :roll:

    The General, Possibly most usable in non Global Games.

    That SAM Piece or Nuke is Best for Rockets Tech IMO

    Why do you need a Landing Craft? Isn’t that why we Purchase transports?

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    Your Pieces in that Fire Storm Game Appear to be very Nice, Do they have them for the Rest of the Major Participants of WWII

    That is the Type of Quality I expect when I pay $50 for a bunch of Plastic Army Men in a Game.
    Thats exceptional from the Pics. I would have No Problem throwing them into the game with revised style pieces. The T-34’s are really Nice looking IMO. Honestly, How Close in related Scale are they?

    Could Some one Take a Pic Comparing the size difference between the 2 Games pieces, Like Tank vs Tank in same Pic?

    If it’s Really close, I know  where a Chunk of my next check will go.  :evil:

  • I have to agree to some extent with you guys about the colors and piece sizes. If this game makes it to a second run, i’ll make a few modifications.

    As for the 6 colors and 8 countries, the game is sold as a 2-6 player game, so each player gets a unique color and then can pick whatever starting nation they want. the piece color does not neccessarily match the nation color.

    I do have an expansion pack in the works which will contain the other 2 colors and allow up to 8 people to play at once. But that’s just a bonus, because for 2-6 players, the existing pieces work great.

  • Just ran across this game today - figured it was worth a bump.

    Here is a link to the game website:

  • You need better modeled pieces and colors.

  • @CaptRick 11 years later: Would it still be possible to get this game send to me? 🙂

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    Its KAKA. Forget it. Thrown in trash can all 6 copies

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