Operation Sealion on Germanys first turn?

  • Okay, I don’t know if anyone else has posted this but when I was playing I decided to do something totally crazy and do operation sealion on germanys first turn.  What you do is use the transport in sz5 load up an inf and tank and land them.  You send in every single aircraft within range to support it.  I’ve only done this once and Germany won with one tank left.  It really sent the Allies scrambling.  Tell me what you think.

  • You’re sending an infantry, tank, 2 fighters and a bomber?  You must have gotten some nice dice, the odds are that Germany only wins that battle 4% of the time.  Or are you rolling for long range aircraft with out of the box rules where it can go into effect immediately and sending all 6 fighters?

  • this has come up a couple of times, in revised I think its a terrible waste of resources

    There is 1 post in the A&A europe boards where a guy did it and won in 1 turn

  • yea this has been posten somewhere… what your looking for is taking all your money (maybe not all but you should) and rolling for long range. 6 fighters 1 bomber 1 tank and a inf to UK. chances are you lose maybe 1 fighter to AA.

    To me go for it if you wanna lose :mrgreen:

  • I’ve also seen someone use an 8 bid to get another transport for this move.  He took UK but America took it back and since there was no pressure on Russia for a few turns the guy ended up loosing.

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