• I was wondering how well it would work if on R1 they moved 2-3 inf into persia and placed 4 tanks in caucasus along with the UK moving trans-jordan and India forces into persia as well along with there bomber and/or the fighter from egypt if it lived.

    This would allow a few things.

    1. UK 3 bomber buy to sink Italian fleet, as russia can easily reclaim trans-jordan for the LZ.

    2. Deadzoning of India.  Just make sure there are enough russian boots on persia to prevent it from being taken.

    3. Rapid reinforcing of Indian IC.  Dont like this idea very much but hey, if germany goes fleet it might work.

    I really like it with the 3 bomber buy, maybe even putting the 2 figs on gibralter with 2 inf (sacrificing the transport) as this would allow the UK to play with japan.  Also, if the allies get 2-3 bombing runs done a turn italy is out of the game for all intents and purposes at this point.

  • Any idea what the defense of Caucasus would look like? (As well as what game you’re playing?)

    In my experience, I’ve been running really low on troops in the early game as the SU. I’ve hardly found out how other players seemed to be capable to send in forces to China or (in your case) Persia. Especially in 1941 I’ve placed my armor more than once in Russia in order not to get it slaughtered should Germany attack Karelia or any other province. For as Germany, I’d be really happy to take out the initial armor the SU gets.

  • If the UK pulls out of India, Japan will most likely attempt to invade Russia from that point. With a japanese IC on French Indo-China and India, could SU hold out for very long? There are some definite advantages to the strategy (easier for SU to fortify a joint defense position with the UK given the proximity to Caucasus) but Persia would become a giant bullseye. Can SU afford to shift enough troops south to hold it?

  • I’ve thought about using a ME staging area before, but at the end of the day you have all three of the axis gunning for you and Russia cant spare the troops necessary to defend it

  • Lets assume the 3 bomber UK build for now, as I prefer that one the best.  At the end of R1 there will be 8 inf, 1 art, and 5 arm in Caucasus, should be enough to hold it against G2.  Assuming germany grabs egypt and italy takes trans-jordan, then on R2 russia retakes transjordan with 2 inf + 1 fig (or add an armor if your worried as well).  On UK2 they fly in the planes and sink Italy’s fleet.  Assuming we sent the 2 figs to gibralter we should have 3 planes left from that combat on trans-jordan, plus 5 inf, 1 art on persia or trans-jordan.  Thats enough firepower to trade with Japan for quite a few rounds I would hope, and/or enough to secure africa as well, and even threaten transports.  If japan builds an IC on FIC on turn 1 armor built there will not hit persia until J4.

  • I think it’s a good move if Russia is not crippled in doing so.
    Depends on how hard Germany has pushed (and how lucky they got)

    That is just an abstract concept
    I don’t know the exact key go/no go triggers……

  • Moderator

    I like using Persia and definitely think stacking UK there is a great move, but I’m always a bit hesitant to bring down any Russians until R2 or R3.  But I don’t think 2 inf on R1 is that big of a deal since you can always retreat the UK troops to Cauc in an emergency.

    Also depending on the J1 moves you might be able to get 1 inf, 1 rt to Sz 30 from Aus.  It’s a nice little bonus but not always possible.

    I wouldn’t try it with an Indian IC though, but I think it is viable if you want to go all out and sink the Ita fleet in rd 2.

  • bringing USSR troops down out of the Eastern Front is usually a queasy move, but the chance to sink the Italian Fleet and really cripple their chances in Africa and then turn on Japan is nice.
    3 BOM maybe a bit more costly than IC and troops over course of the game but could get you into action more quickly.

    i am liking how some of the strategies coming out of AA50 are more reminiscent of history than AAR.  i know there are some complaints about that-too limited, too scripted- but much of the strategies at least for the Allies were not done just out of necessity, but thinking they were good ideas.  Airpower-bomber/fighters really crippled the Italian fleet and more or less took them out of the war.  …and now back to the original topic…

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