• I have a game coming up, 1942 as UK. Talked a little with the guy playing US and he is planning a full Pacific invasion with little in Europe.  What is the best way to hold Africa with out building an IC there? My plan of attack is the northern route thru Norway to Moscow to stop the German’s.  Building a Carrier and Cruiser Turn 1, then another Carrier turn 2 and maybe a couple planes to keep the UK fleet alive then start the shuck of northern Europe.

    How do I hold Africa with the forces I have left, assuming the German/Italian players doesn’t attack turn one, and my India fleet is sunk turn 1.

  • I don’t see how the UK could hold Africa without US help and Russia shure can’t afford to help.  I think the best you could hope to do is slow them down.

    I played one game that the Axis could not get into Africa just because the dice went so bad that the UK held them off in Egypt, but that was some monster bad luck (or good depending on the side you happened to be playing on) that made that happen, nothing more.

    You might be able to slow the Axis down in Africa by spreading your units out and making them fight for every territory, but like you said, they are probably dead before you even get a chance to use them.

    A factory in the bottom of Africa might help, but that’s another BIG might.

    You could try chasing them into Africa from the Atlantic; taking the land they just took from you, but that would take a lot of effort, reducing any of your efforts into Norway to virtually nothing.

    With out US help…I’m out of ideas. LOL…I guess?

  • Builder_Chris is right, you won’t be able to hold africa without US assistance. if you left all of your african forces down there, you could slow them down for a couple of rounds though

    if the US is going for all out Pacific, i would still try to convince them to use whatever they have in western usa in the african theatre to help. also, i always build an IC in india if japan can’t take it feasibly turn j2. this leaves you the option of sending tanks to africa once Japan is booted off China

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