• This is what I have been doing with some success. As Japan I am trying to capture as many territories I can that I don’t need to defend. Candidates usually are Australia, NZ, Hawaii, Wake and possibly Madacascar/ south africa.
    I am considering going after Brazil however this is a lot of effort for an easy eviction by the USA. Any opinions?

    Turn 1 excluding mainland actions which are slightly hampered by the lack of the 2 men not coming across from the philipines.

    What I usually do is kill the hawaiian fleet via bomber battleship and sub. Hits are taken in the following manner sub, battleship and then bomber. If I have killed the sub and the aircraft carrier I will leave the plane as I don’t want to get hit by his 4 defense and sacrifice my bomber for the plane. This basically depends on how the roll of the dice went.

    At the same time I take the other battleship, aircraft carrier with one plane and transport from phillapenes and hit australia. I am not sure of the odds but I take this without much difficulty.

    Turn 2 excluding mainland
    Transport remaining men from australia to new zealand. If you don’t have enough men you can grab one from the solomones and still hit nz in the same turn. (Essentially your aircraft carrier and battleship and idle this turn unless the british made a mistake with the transport placement from India. In a noncombat move fly one plane to Japan so it can reach hawaii next turn.

    Turn 3
    Take ac, battleship, 2 men from new zealand, one plane from Japan and hit hawaii. This should be cake walk. At this point it is likely that the american has moved remaining sea units through panama sea zone to go after germany. Now they have a problem. Japan can hit any territory on western seaboard from Alaska to panama. I usually take 2 transports and hit Alaska with my other battleship to compound this problem for the US. My whole plan is to get some resources from America to fight Japan. At the end of turn 3 Japan has 4 men in Alaska with a battleship, 2 men likely in Hawaii with Battleship and aircraft carrier with 2 planes. The US player will have to buy some units to counter this in Western America. This is not good enough however, you need to get them to deploy them against Alaska and other spots. We must make America defend America or the game is over before it starts. This should buy Germany time. On this turn

    Turn 4 buy IC in india. You should have around 40 units coming in per turn now. Russia should be consolidating around moscow. You need to push the russians back but not to overextend yourself.

  • it’s not a bad game plan, and i’ve often considered this, without having actually done it.
    The thing is, by J3 you want to hit Yakut - HARD. You also want to have SIN/CHI, and IND if possible. You’ve slowed down a little by a feint which will cost the US 12 ipcs or so (which will be used to trns men to Europe anyway).
    But one game i will give this a try, i think.

  • I usaly go for india J1 china/shinking J2 and Yukat J3

  • I like to go for China and India and somtimes even Hawaii on J1.

  • Japan should have 40 ipc’s by J3

  • Following my first 3 moves which are essentially sea moves to make use of the Japanese Navy I do this on turn 4. Take Battleship and 4 men and hit Alaska. Now the US Player has a carrier with 2 men in Hawaii which I sometimes use to Hit the Panama Canal and 4 men in Alaska.

    What are the other game plans for the Japanese Navy. I basically am trying to get some of America’s resources used to defend itself. This may buy Germany one more round

  • I tend to ignore Australia and the American islands in the pacific.

    Send the fili tran and car.sea ac to india if british tran is not in s.chn sz. Capture india on J1, J2 if not possible on first. As well as China. 1 BMB, 2 BS and 1 SUB to hawaii.

    J2: AC and Trn in india sz are moved to egypt to capture the remaining british lands in africa.

    Rest of the game: control south asia and africa by building an ic in egypt, india or south africa, send fighters to germany to defend itself (ac helps a lot). Hit Yakut on J3. Hit other pacific areas only once moscow has fallen.

  • ya I dont attck hawi so to keep my defenses up so I dont waste money buying ships so I can concontrate on the mainland

  • I never take India on J1, I like to take China J1 and either Sinkiang or India on J2 or one on J3, depending on luck. At the same time i have forces going into Russia, and sometimes Aussiland.

  • I like taking india first as the UK somtimes puts an IC there so I want to ilemanate it as quikly as possible

  • Definately, China is better on J1 than India. Its dangerous to have 5 American Infantry and 1 Fighter running around. India can wait for J2 or J3.

  • it is 4 US inf. and have you ever seen the US use those inf. because I havnt

  • It depends.
    If they stay alive then i’ll pull them out, sparsely defending China. I’ll either pull them to Russia, or if i’ve built an IC in India, then they’ll come help with the defence. If i still have a US ftr, then i like to be the thorn in the paw, if not, then the bmb comes over and helps out.
    This doesn’t happen that often, but when it does i’m happy 🙂

  • err 4, stupid typos.

    The US can do many things with those 4 infantry and 1 fighter. They can attack Indochina, India, or retreat to Russia and help defend the eastern front. Might as well kill them while they are seperated.

  • but I still think you should go after india first

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