• @Lynxes:

    How did you reach that conclusion Lynxes?

    I’m still not completely happy about the sub rules and still think they are a bit too hampered in their use. I think subs should be able to ignore even DDs when moving. In that way, it won’t be able to block German subs based in the Baltic Sea from attacking an invading fleet in the English channel just by placing one DD in the North Sea. As it is now you have to use Italian air to attack the DD block, and if USA sends in a blocking DD you’re screwed, unless you play the '42 scenario and use Japanese air!

    But letting aircraft hit subs without destroyers will make subs utterly useless. At least now your subs can avoid combat in some instances and you can also use subs to make the opponent make choices of losses to take, i.e. if I take my last DD as a hit I will be facing surprise strikes. Your idea of using subs as fodder is misguided since that’s the role that destroyers are there for in this game, now that their cost is reduced!

    I catch your point here, but keep in mind that air could only attack subs with DDs since without them the sub could submerge before air units fire. Subs as fodder would not be useless IMO, but I can see that it’s covered well by the DDs. I also agree that it’s frustrating that a single DD can block all your subs movement. What if one implemented a 50% chance of being undetected? Rolling one die pr sub passing a destroyer: 1-3 undetected, move ok. 4-6 detected, move blocked… This could go for both CM and NCM. I mean a destroyer couldn’t prevent a sub from moving but it could certainly detect and kill it… Would be interesting to play test this. Wouldn’t let the allies so boldly block a sea zone with a DD…

  • In all this math calculating air vs boats one must also consider that ftrs/bmbs are much more versatile than CVs and DDs. Having the latter in the Baltic will not do good on the Eastern front, whereas the air units could be relocated to africa, eastern front or attacking europe supporting amphibious landings.

    That’s way air beats boats IMO. Of course the allies (+ japan) needs escorts for the transports, but germany doesn’t need transports and therefore has no incentive really to buy navy, other than it being fun to try to win with an implemented naval strategy. I certainly would love to try.

  • Well one stratagy that my friend keeps employing against me (he is usually the allies) is to (with the UK and US) build nothing but BBs for several turns with a destroyer, sub and aircraft carrier here and there.  This poses a problem for me.  What I usually do is hit with everything I’ve got before his fleet gets to big.  It gives me a headace because the BBs are taking a hit then pounding away at me.  Just my two cents worth!  😄

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