• Hey guys I’m back 😄 will be more active now. a lil wiser a lil older and whole lot more cyan like 😄 served now with 100% more triplea. 😉 just wanted to let you guys know i’m back. I love how my karma points changed sense I was last on. lol sad to see some people have left and glad to see others still on Jenn will be a great grandmother and still have the most posts on this site. Thrawn, Grewhr and I still have the biggest topic though 😄 I hope those two are still around. anyway sup guys?

  • as to the reason of my extended absence I found this game cybernations.net (rather fun) but it was basically eating up all my online gaming time (if you’ve played it, you’ll know being government in an alliance takes some effort the actual game only takes like 5 minutes a day) 😛 now that i’ve lost a lot of interest in it and no longer involved in my alliance i’m picking this back up. also is it me or are the boards awfully slow?

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