Do built sea units placed in a sea zone with enemy sea units cause a battle?

  • 2 Situations
    1. You build a Cruiser and place it in a sea zone which has an enemy Cruiser
    2. You build a Destroyer and place it in a sea zone which has an enemy Sub
    What happens in those situations, and when?  If the battle is only triggered on the Sub owner’s turn, can they bring in additional units to support it?

  • combat is triggered at the combat move if the enemy ship’s do not leave the sea zone,
    submarine’s do not trigger combat, unless the attacker declare’s combat,
    the exception to this rule is when there are opposing destroyer’s at the sea zone, destroyer’s cancel sub special abilities,
    because of that, if there is a sub at a hostile sea zone and there is a destroyer present, with no reinforcement’s to back up the sub, the sub, or any other ship can be moved to a friendly sea zone, or hostile sea zone for combat,
    the player who own’s the sub can bring in additional unit’s

  • Official Q&A

    Nothing happens immediately in either situation, since your combat phase is over.

    In either situation, on your opponent’s turn he/she can either fight in the sea zone or move away.  If he/she chooses to attack, the combat doesn’t take place until the Conduct Combat phase, so additional units can be brought in during combat movement.

    If your ship in situation 2 were something other than a destroyer, your opponent would have the additional option of doing nothing (attacking and immediately submerging).

  • That makes it a lot easier to block ICs from producing sea units, Sea Zones 5, 56, and 62 in particular.  More importantly, it makes Subs more effective at blocking those zones, because they get to use their higher attack value, and also be reinforced by air/naval units.

    Another situation would be if Germany put a sub in each sea zone around the UK.  If Britain puts a Destroyer in each zone to counter, then Germany sends its airforce, while using the Subs as fodder.

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