• :-o Forgive me if this has been posted already, but it appears the German player can win on turn one if he does well in the North. In fact, my son and I experienced this two days ago:

    He manages to destroy the two units of the 9th Infantry Div east of Monschou and the two units of the 2nd Infantry Div southeast of Monschou and (at least) pushes back the two units of the 99th Infantry Div east of Staikyll.  The road is now open to the entire Allied rear. Six tanks can roar into Namur and Huy for 10 pts and Bastogne, Liege, and Marche for 12 pts and Rochefort for another 3 pts. That’s 15 pts. Then the three trucks can transport three infantry units for Verviers, Ortheuville, and La Roche for the remaining 9 pts to reach 24 Points!  :evil:

    Is there something wrong with this scenario? :x

    Or something wrong with the game? :|

    I titled this “Fool’s Mate” from Chess but the Allied player doesn’t have to do anything–in fact, he doesn’t even get to do anything and he’s lost!  :-(

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    There’s one thing standing in the way of your Evil Plan: the pesky rule that says that Tanks have to stop when they enter an enemy-controlled City.  I’m afraid they’ll only get as far as Eupen, or Verviers if they blitz.

  • Poof! and there goes those evil dreams….

  • yeah, stinking rules…

    I had a similar almost, when I took out everything on the southern road and had everything appear open through Bastogne and beyond…

    It was a good try though Gen.

  • The guys beat me to it. The best you can do in the North is capturing Eupen and Verviers and Malmedy and that is with a blitz move AND destroying ALL four units in the most northern two hexes of the Allied line. Remember a blitz only gets you one more hex after you would normally have to stop.

    There are units in St. Vith and East of Malmedy that stop penetration out of Stadtkyll and Prum and the Armor west of Diekirch keeps the Axis out of Bastogne going through Dosburg.

    Although your evil plan is foiled you bring up an interesting point. If I had a choice of units to live through turn 1 that Art, and Inf east of Honshau would be at the top of the list.

  • Appears I’ve just suffered a checkmate myself! :x

    That rule about enemy-owned cities escaped my eye.

    (Guess I did a lot of math for nothing.)

    End of thread. :wink:

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