Hmm - weird situation, what would the rule be?

  • So…… there was an American battleship left alive from a naval battle in Japan’s one sea zone. I built a fleet there, I know what hte rules say about that… America ended his turn, and as japan I ended up buying more ships, only one seazone I could put them in… soooo… yeah. Nothing messed with the battleship.

    Russia had its bomber over there for some reason… it attacked my fleet… Would the american battleship be able to attack as well? Technically the rules say multi-national forces can’t attack together, only defend when attacked… but the russian player argued that the battleship should be able to defend itself.

  • The American BB does not participate in the combat.  If your ships survive the battleship can then attack on the American turn.

  • @MasterChief096:

    … but the russian player argued that the battleship should be able to defend itself.

    Defend itself against whom? It can only be the russian bomber, since that’s the only unit attacking. So, next time that he argues it, agree. That way you’ll have an extra BB to defend your fleet 😉

    More seriously now, just have him read page 21 of the manual:
    “Any units in a sea zone in which a battle occurs that belong to an ally of the attacker cannot participate in the battle in any way.”

  • Also, should your Japanese fleet survive they have a choice:

    1. stay and attack the American BB
    2. move to another seazone to potentially attack there.

    they are locked into staying, and depending on what you built, you may or may not want to stay anyhow.

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