German SS & Cavalry

  • 1/72 scale “Forces of Valor”. They looked good (great poses and molding - SUPERB!), but not good enough. Had to be repainted. I have only a few more Germans to do for my own use (like these are). As soon as I am done, I will post pics of my entire German infantry collection. I wish I could post all the infantry I have done for Anti-bomber, but its all in bits and pics scattered all over my files. But I will have my poultry collection intact that I can scan in its entirety soon. I’d probably need a flatbed scanner the size of a pool table to scan all of his, mine will have to do. His are finer than these I show you, cause I am not as picky when working on my stuff as I am when working on other’s.

  • Love WWII cavalry, looks great.

  • Customizer


    ––Very Nice Work!

    “Tall Paul”

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