• What are the rules on air to sea battles in AAE? Are they in the rule book or just a house rule?

  • Could you be more specific? I’m sure it’s in the rules though. Do you mean stuff such as how transports cannot attack or order of events in the combat?

  • In general, it might help to think of fighters and bombers as seatanks. Much as they are airtanks over land…but tanks that are forced to withdraw at the end of the combat.

    So long as you can reach owned-since-start-of-turn territory (owned by you or your allies) on your Non-Combat Move, your air force can range all over the sea. You fight along with your navy, etc., firing upon and taking hits from enemy vessels. Only trick is you cannot attack enemy subs unless you have a destroyer alive and well in the sea territory you are attacking. If your last destroyer goes down, then you can no longer fire upon the subs. The other ships can’t help your air units fight subs. Meanwhile, whether you have destroyers or other ships around, the enemy subs can never fire upon your air units. Only surface ships can.

    Battle at sea tends to be more expensive than battle on land. The lowest-priced units you can lose (or kill) cost 8 IPCs each. Over land, you can protect aircraft by soaking off inf at a cost of 3 IPCs each. Not so at sea, but the prizes are high-priced, too.

    And one more advantage to the attacker: enemy does not have aircraft stationed at sea, so no massed 4-or-less fighters to contend with (just 4-or-less battlewagons).

  • Fighters/Bombers cannot attack Subs unless a Destroyer is present. Subs cannot attack air units. Besides that, normal battle.

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