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  • Hello I m from Argentina and I would like to share my map, with a slight art deco´s touch. The size of the board is 1,85 meters x 1,10 meters. Feel free to leave comments

    14 s.JPG
    16 s.JPG
    35 s.JPG

  • It looks cool. I especially like the little flags, as it reminds me of old war movies where you see all the generals around a big war map mobing stuff around while smoking cigars and drinking brandy while settling the buisness of war 🙂

    is there any chance that you have a pdf or high resolution vector based picture of it you wanna share? i could be nice to have a map like your in the format as the one you can se here:

  • Stunning and simply beautiful!

    Please let me know if you ever make it available, I would definitely like to play on it.

  • Very nicely done!

    El mapa es muy agradable!

  • ¡Muy buen trabajo! El detalle de las banderas es magnífico  🙂

  • Official Q&A

    Muy bueno!

  • It looks fantastic.

    It reminds me of the old Propaganda films.

  • Tranquila, Amigo. El mapa es muy maricon magnifico.  🙂

  • Gorgeous map, its very easy on the eyes with no “loud” colors.  How long did it take you to make the map?

  • Agree, agree, agree with what everyone else has been saying.  This thread is definitely hall of fame worthy.

    Personally I prefer more “detailed” WWII era maps compared to Art deco, but you should’ve been hired as the art designer for Axis and Allies revised.

    How did you make the control makers (the ones with the tiny flags)?  If you can produce them in bulk, I would line up to buy a set.    😄

  • WOW!  😮

    How do I get one?  😄

  • Those flags are ace ! 8-)

  • Very nice map.  Great work.

  • First I want to be grateful for all the commentaries and it makes me happy that they have liked my work.

    This board was made using the illustrator program and take about two month (i not work on it everyday) of work. The names in the map are in Castilian (Spanish) but I can translate them into any language because they are in an individual layer.

    I did it for personal use and fun, without a commercial intention, but if there are some unexpected clients…  😮

    In relation to the flags I did it manually, they are very simple to make, but make it one by one it is a process very booooored and for the moment i would not make another set.

    They are very simple to do, the printing (as for design and size) is very easy the problem is the assembly in the mast and the base, though it is something very easy and very boring, but helps to the  general sensation and esthetics of board.

    I have two extra copies that the print house made like a test, but this work it was done with a slight blemishes

    Thanks to all again. Gracias a todos nuevamente les envío un saludo desde Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Si, por favor, Amigo  🙂

  • I had to register just to look at the pictures. That map is frickin awesome

  • I leave some photos in order that everebody could see other angles of the map.

    Also two pictures where you can see the flags closely.

    6 s.JPG
    25 s.JPG
    26 s.JPG

  • Wow!very nice work!

  • Fantastico

  • After seeing these pictures for a second time, I have to say it is the coolest looking game board I’ve ever seen.

  • Verry nice,

    I love to see the creativity of the minds that play this game. 
    Especially the international flavor, and the world wide phenom that is Axis and Allies.
    Again, I am reminded of how much I have to learn about making maps. 
    And the different ways to present a map.

    Again, congrats, you have set high standards.

  • It almost looks illuminated from underneath. I like it very much. You should make the boards and sell them dude. Seriously. I would buy one.

  • You should make the boards and sell them dude. Seriously. I would buy one.


  • I must say that I am very lucky for the comments that I received and want to be grateful for them again.

    On the other hand I am not a businessman so I will speak with absolute honesty, the manufacture of the board has pros and cons

    Cons: the printing cost is not cheap, because i use very high quality paper, but the cost diminishes according to more boards be printed. Only I can send the map printed but not mounted in a wood´s frame because it would increase the shipping and handlig cost.

    Pros: It can be done in any size that is wished.
    It can be translated into any language or even any territory be renamed (for example instead of  French Indo-china/Thailand I preferred only French Indo-china). There can be removed the German and Italian roundels, etc.

    Definitively many aspects of the board can be modified according to the requirements of the case.

    Please if there are some interested parties contact me to and I will answer personally any doubt.

    I request do NOT do it using this forum because it not related to the purpose for the one that was created and it is my intention to respect this rigorously.

    Thank you once again for all commentaries because I estimate them sincerely.

    41 s.JPG
    40 s.JPG

  • '11

    Very impressive board. Your hard work certainly paid off, judging by all of the previous comments. The flags are great and go well with your setup. All of the extra photos are great, especially the pic with the German officer’s cap, that is just an awesome extra. Where did you pick up the hat?

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