AA50 Artillery suggestion

  • Would it throw the game out of balance if artillery was allowed to fire back at ships that bombarded in an amphibious assault?  The artillery could no longer participate in the land battle if it fired at the ships.  That might make this piece more interesting and useful as a defensive piece on coastlines.  Any opinions?

  • you could use artilley as a coastal bunker, cost 4, defense 1, attack 1 / with the rocket development
    they can not be destroyed, and can be used by invading force’s, build as many as are needed, stack control marker’s to know how many coastal bunker’s that are at a territory,

    i do not think that your idea would throw the game out of balance, it could lead to a lot of sunken ship’s, with the artillery hitting at 2, or less coastal bombardment, with player’s avoiding the territories that have a heavy stack of artillery,
    it could also work to the attacker’s advantage with artillery used for attacking ship’s,

    the bunker’s could be upgraged to attack invading amphibious assault forces,
    although i think the cost would have to be revised

    the defending player could choose to disable a bunker as a combat casualty,
    amphibious assault’s could be conducted as a prelude to the invasion,

    if the invasion would be successful, the attacker would take control of the bunker’s,
    if the defender would be successful, the bunker’s would be operational at the start of the next turn

  • I know the way Guadalcanal and AA50 play is vastly different, but if I understand the rules correctly, in AAG, ART gets to fire at ships in adjacent seazones AND ALSO at ground troops in land combat in the same turn.

    So using that similarly in another version is a believable extension as ART is an abstraction for all artillery.  The addition of coastal bunkers could even go with the use of the bunkers from D-Day and could be more specific.

  • Firing at a battleship with a 88mm gun is like firing at a Tiger tank with paintball or softgun.

    Use the Blockhouse unit from A&A D-day.

  • well then, when you put it that way… 😐

  • Oh, get a grip, it wasn’t that bad

  • it was the softgun part, i was just imagining those pvc mini-marshmallow shooters that are all the rage at 5-year-old’s birthday parties plinking off of a Tiger Tank….

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