• If Germany takes the Baltic states and Karelia on the same turn, can a tank that started in Poland and did not attack anywhere move into Karelia during free movement to help defend vs a Russian counter attack?

  • Yes.  Land units can move into territories during non-combat that were taken in combat that turn.  Not so for aircraft, though.

  • Absolutely. As long as it didn’t make a combat move, that armor can non-combat move through/to any 2 friendly territories it can reach at that time.  Think of it as the land equivalent of clearing a blocking sea-zone, then moving your boats through to the other side.

  • Woah, this is not how we have been playing. I just checked the rulebook though and you guys are right. We always played that, during the non-combat move phase, you can’t move into or out of a territory captured during the combat phase (except for planes which fly out and AA guns that move in.) I guess the reasoning was that everything was happening simultaneously. I see now that only the combat moves are to be considered simultaneous. Hmmm.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  • Welcome llindeman@cinci.rr.com!  AA50 is a great game.  If you run into problems finding opponents and/or time to play, then check out AA50 Modules for Battlemap, and try PBF (Play by Forum) here on this website.

  • Blitz…

    However, if your tanks haven’t been in a battle and now you’re moving your tanks the full two spaces in non combat move, your tanks can’t blitz in non combat move. ( unless I am wrong if using the rules in the book ).

    For example for kicks in '41…

    Soviet played and feels secure by not having any units in Moscow at the end of his/hers turn and moved everything around countries surrounding Moscow, but however has just one infantry in Archangel, to protect the automatic invation on Moscow by Germany secure strong in Karelia S.S.R. by blitz with tanks.
    (Why Soviot player did this was that on his/hers next turn he can re build Moscow and do other things on his/hers next turn… )

    So Gemany swings round and plays, a German tank/tanks attacked the single man in Archangel from Karelia S.S.R., and wins, the tank I know can’t continue to it’s 2nd move, it has to stay put, I know that is correct.

    However, am I right to say a German tank or 10 tanks for example can’t blitz into Moscow from Karelia S.S.R. because even though you won the battle in Archangel, you can’t simply go on further ( even tho you have one more move with your tank ) through Archangel to take control of Moscow in non combat move…?

    If this is correct, the Soviet player knew what he/she was doing leaving Moscow open like that.

    Has anyone come accross a situation like this b4 with any other nation…?

    It is a great game, more you play the better you get, and don’t feel shy to post a question here, we all have…!!


  • Official Q&A

    Land units may not move into or through hostile territories (even if they are unoccupied) in noncombat movement.

  • So is it possible to plan a blitz attack like an amphibious assault ? Lets say Germany has 2 tanks, 1 inf and 2 Fighters in Eastern Poland. Russia has 1 Inf in Belorussia and 2 Inf in Moscow. Could I plan to attack the Inf in Belorussia, with my Inf and 2 Fighters and if thats winning to blitz to Moscow?

    I think its not legal, but takes away a lot of possibilities interessting game moves.

  • Official Q&A

    No, all combat movement must be completed before any combat begins.  The declaration of an amphibious assault with a preceeding naval battle is the only exception.

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