Larry Harris' Extra D-Day rules

  • Found this on the Larry Harris Forum and haven’t seen any corresponding conversation about it here as yet.  It comes from Mr. Harris himself, so I was thinking that it might be more optional play rules as compared to House Rules, being from ‘the man’ himself.  I trust the moderators here though to move or not move if needed.

    This is straight from his post, except for the italicized portion- that comes from a later post by LH which I included where he was talking about adding it.

    The original post and discussion can be found here:

    D-Day Optional Rules by Larry Harris

    Optional Play # 1 Artillery
    Call it: Dimensional Battlefield - ARTILLERY
    The system will require 2 additional cards. Number them 9A and 11A. When playing this system simply add these two cards, in numerical order, to the deck. You will have to make your own cards and insert them in the deck.

    Card 9A Reads (This follows card 9):
    Allied Artillery Fires        
    Artillery can target specific enemy units.        
    It can fire at adjoining zones.
    Hits with rolls of 1 or 2 **

    Card 11A Reads (This follows card 11):
    Axis artillery Fires
    Artillery can target specific enemy units
    It can fire at adjoining zones.
    Hits with rolls of 1 or2 **

    Artillery can fire (roll) against enemy units in their same zones or enemy units in adjoining zones. The controlling player can designate specific units as targets. A hit will immediately remove the targeted unit.

    When conducting combat (Cards 11 & 13) artillery units do not roll either offensively or defensively. As their dedicated cards may suggest, they have their own special moments. They can be attacked if the region they are in is attacked. If they are selected or targeted as the loss they will be removed.

    When artillery fires and hits; on a roll of 1, the attacker chooses the unit destroyed, on a roll of 2, the defender chooses the unit to be destroyed.

    Option # 2 Naval Bombardments
    Naval Bombardments (card 2) - The Allied player should be able to roll against any enemy units of his choice – not just blockhouses. This is restricted to only the coastal regions ranging from Barfleur to Auberville (the bay).

    Optional Play # 3 Attack or not Attack
    During an attack phase a player can elect NOT to attack in some or all contested regions. For example a single unit in a region facing a greater number of enemy units might better be used only defensively. If it were required to attack, its elimination would be assured when the opposing player, in great numbers, rolled back defensively.

    Continued Play
    Another possibility…After turn 10” Each Army (German American and British) rolls a die. The number rolled is the number of reinforcement units that can appear on the board this turn. Following the silhouettes on the BOTTOM of the reinforcement charts. Reading them from RIGHT to LEFT place those type of units on the board. If you roll a 6 you receive no reinforcements that turn.

  • Could we get a mod to make this a sticky please.  🙂


  • What is a sticky??

    Great site here for tips, hints and variants!!

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    What is a sticky??

    Great site here for tips, hints and variants!!

    A Sticky thread is one that is always at the top of the board. Usually information that folks ask for all the time gets ‘stickied.’ In the ‘Classic’ forum for instance a thread on bidding is always near the top and in Guadalcanal notice of an error in the rulebook.

  • Thanks, Frimmel!

  • the artillery firing cards make ART so much more of a killer, very nice.  I almost want to protect my ART rather than my tanks against shore batteries.

  • does the Artillery rules below say what the links say? the links don’t work for me,



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