• I’m not sure if this is the proper forum to suggest a new A&A variant, but what would people think of a game that covered the Mediterranean/North Africa front. The game could support up to 6 players & would probably begin with the fall of France in 1940. I think this might allow a variable set-up because the players must first divide the French forces into either Free French or Vichy armies. So those are a couple of my thoughts on the subject. Any thoughts on this topic are welcomed.

  • If it follows the D-Day format, yes please!!

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    I would be interested in a North Africa game styled along BOTB or Guadalcanal lines. Particularly one with a key element being re-supply via the Med.

  • North Africa with a BOTB influence would be cool.  Probably have to be more land based then though, if it was widened to show more of the Med, like up to Sicily or Malta and across to Morroco for Torch, then it would more likely have to be more traditional AA.

    North Africa or Stalingrad with the BOTB look and supply aspects would make another nice tactical addition to the AA family.

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    I have been working on this varient in my free time for a while now.  I always thought it would be a great idea.  In my version, the game mecanics are like Axis & Allies Europe but the reinforcement works like D-Day to give it a historical character.

    It begins with the fall of France and the Italian advance on Egypt, and ends with the occupation of Rome.

    I was inspired by reading W S Churchill’s Second World War…  The ever changing situation in the Med / North Africa front was one of the most interesting back and fourth campaigns of the entire war.

    I will let you know once I have worked all the buggs out but this has been my secret passion for some time now.

  • I agree that A&A North Africa a la Bulge would be a great addition.  I would look at the old Attactix game “8th Army” for inspiration; it integrated the important supply lines of the med (strategic map) with an operational map.  (see http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/7243)  I would give the operational map more hex areas though so you could have the sweeping armoured thrusts.

  • I think I read an article somewhere that Larry Harris was thinking about it…or maybe it was another forum topic like this… :|darn, I can’t remember.

    Man, a North Africa game would be great!  You could custom artillery pieces as Rommel’s stationary anti-tank guns.  Where they 88s?  Another thing I can’t remember.

    Tank destroyers?  Desert Rats?  Total geeked-out sweetness!  Trenches? the list of possibilities goes on.

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