How similar are Revised edition pieces compared to 50th Anniversary?

  • I’m looking to add to my number of units in 50th Anniversary edition, and have the means to pick up a Revised edition for kinda cheap, utilizing an Amazon gift certificate. While my out of pocket expense wouldn’t be that much, I’d hate to waste the certificate.

    Anyway…I’m kind of anal about the way the game looks, so can someone who has both editions tell me:

    Are the units of each edition the same, in color, and in model sculpt? Obviosuly this wouldn’t apply to Italy, and I guess China (although I’m not really familiar with Revised contents, or in fact any regular edition of A&A, all I own are 50th Anniversary, D-Day, and the computer version of Iron Blitz).

    Please be detailed as possible, ie:
    UK: identical colors, same sculpt for plane, bomber, different tank sculpt
    USSR: different color, all sculpts the same/different.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The colours used in the Anniversary Edition are:

    US: medium green

    UK: pale tan, a bit lighter than the normal British medium tan

    Soviet Union: dark wine purple

    Germany: dark grey

    Japan: burnt orange

    Italy: medium-dark brown

    China (infantry only): lime green, somewhat different from the shade used for the British pieces in the Revised Edition

    As far as the colour differences between the two editions go, the Revised Edition uses the same colours and shades as the Anniversary Edition for the US, Soviet Union and Japan.  Germany uses the same or nearly the same shade of dark grey.   Great Britain is the incompatible country: the pieces are pale tan in the Anniversary Edition and a kind of pale lime green in the Revised Edition.

    In the Anniversary Edition, the five main countries nearly all use the same sculpts as the Revised Edition, except for Britain (which has new Matilda tanks) and Germany (which uses the new Panther tank design from Battle of the Bulge and the Me-109G fighter from the same game).  In the Revised Edition, Britain uses Sherman tanks, while Germany uses the original-version sculpt of the Panther (it has a shorter gun and the treads don’t have square side panels) and a Stuka rather than an Me-109G as its fighter (even though the Stuka was actually a dive-bomber).  Some of the sculpts have small differences: for example the US Shermans have smaller turrets and the Russian T-34 are narrower.  These five countries, plus Italy, also have a new cruiser piece.  Apart from its distinct infantry and tank sculpts, Italy’s land and air sculpts are copied from existing Japanese ones (artillery, bombers and fighters) while its naval sculpts are copied from existing German ones (carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers and transports).

    CWO Marc

  • The colours in Revised can vary. I bought one of the later prints of Revised (3-4 years ago) and the UK colours are the tan of Anniversary (or Bulge).

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