• In the past few years I’ve tried playing games like Warhammer and D&D but neither of them have really held my intrest for too long. I’m just wondering if the miniatures are really worth investing into. And if so whats the most cost-effective pack to buy (i still have Christmas money leftover :-D)

  • There are some who will say no for a number of reasons but I think that its a decent enough game.  It can become costly depending on your resources but every hobby has a cost.  Most will say to buy a base amount of pieces and then selectively buy on line what you want.  If you want to buy into the Pacific theater, I’ve substantial Japanese and US pieces I don’t use.

  • This is the only type of these games I like… It’s very worth it. My recommendation for getting started is the 1939-1945 Starter Set, 2 1939-1945 boosters, 2 North Africa boosters, and 2 Eastern Front boosters. From there you’ve got 2 options depending on how you want to build up your collection. Order individual pieces online that appeal to you for specific reasons, or just stock up on boosters to build a generally large collection. Most locations that sell boosters are willing to barter with you if you buy a certain amount of them.

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