Media - "World Hates US?" Is it so? Anything new t

  • Don’t give me jealousy or any old line …

    I don’t know the answer, so I’m askin’ the question. read some world traveler, multi-lingual editorialist named Geyer today. She says, “the whole official world of travel and most of bidness 🙂 and commerce speaks English … big oil companies in France speak English in their offices … French and Russian planes make announcements on board in English, often first(I guess that’s to accommodate the majority of passengers, whether tourist or business) … Fat market women selling sausages and truffles speak in a New England accent … in Italy it seems that only the foreign workers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East speak Italian.”

    In addition, she points out that Credit cards made in America are used by everyone (a bit of an overstatement, I’m sure.) American movies and TV show the amoral and degenerate US society (but … who chooses to put them on the air or screen around the world? And what flop in America became the world’s most watched TV show Boobwatch :oops: I mean Babewatch :oops: I mean Baywatch.

    Then she mentions that the Europeans miss the old American optimism, since Europeans are the historical pessimists. She says they miss the Carter days and love his current efforts. What are they talking about?
    Don’t they remember 15-20% inflation(that was in the US, What was going on in Europe in the late '70’s?) Or his help setting up the Nukes for Peace in North Korea(as they thought it would be Nuclear Reactors for Peace … I’d call that Pie in the Sky!) Or his attempts to oversee democracy in action at the polls around the world. Doesn’t they know that elections can be rigged by the registrars, ballot stuffers, or counters(has Carter forgotten the Chicago machine of his era which was developed during the Kennedy-Nixon election cycle?) I accept the Habitat for Humanity program as a good thing since building homes is better than rioting(inthe US) and war(in the undeveloped and developing countries.

    And now your thoughts …

  • my confusion after reading your post has me thinking:
    i’m still not as smart as i thought i was. . . .

  • I’m from europe and I’m a pessamist so I belive that part

  • LOL, well globalization basically is americanization.

  • probably, but that doesn’t mean all Americans are for it. Myself for one.

  • Well, from my stays in Europe, I can tell you I didn’t see as much evidence of Americanization as this suggests. However, it is always prevalent.

    And they announced everything in French first on Air France 🙂 Also on the trains. Everything (in the tourist areas at least) is available in Spanish, French, German, and English. In Italy, France, and England, French was present on most Menu’s, signs, ect.

  • eh I don’t mind much if the world hates US… everybody needs a good scapegoat and what better one than that? Yet they mask themselves at what is truely at fault…

  • you dont mind eh?

  • You get use to it more like it… :-?

  • ah

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