• I have no idea if this would work. Maybe somebody else can comment. Japans main problem is it has tons of cash but it takes a while to put it in action against Moscow. Has anyone tried (especially once you confirm USA is ignoring you) a massive bombers strat. Flying them all to Germany(so quick to get into action), and using them to clear the Atlantic of American transports. If you can cut off the flow of troops from UK and US, Germany should be able to steam roll Russia. Ok so this just popped into my head and I’m sure there are big flaws with it but now that bombers are cheap, seems like a good way to quickly mobilize the Godzilla economy.

  • Yes. And it works great. If the US abandons the Pacific, IMO Japan absolutely should start massing bombers. They can get into action quickly, can easily change theatres if need be, and can wreck the econ or join the battles at will.

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