AA100 what´s new?

  • whe are at year 2012 and AA has a new version called AA100.

    what are the major improvements?

    1st: your planes to attack enemy ships (including transports) have to satisfy one of two conditions:
          - you also have at least one of your ships there.
          - you attack only with planes but the sea square is adjacent to a land controlled by your faction (axis or allies)

    comments: this is great! during wwii the radar was very basic (the axis didn´t have radars and the ones belonging to allies were weak), so the only way to spot ships in open sea was with the presence of ships of your one (transport ships were good for this) or in the case of carries you would send 1 or to planes to try to find enemy ships.
    This rule makes impossible to destroy enemy ships in the middle of the atlantic using a bomber that then lands at the other side of the atlantic.

    This change in rules is as good as the other one 4 years ago in aa50 in 2008 saying that transports have no longer an attack value. Congratulatios guys.

    [[color=red]font=Verdana]2nd: if there is another round of combat, planes to keep fighting must spend one extra space

    for example, a fighter to fight travels one space and to land will need one more space. So has two spare spaces to participate in round 2 and 3 of the battle

    comments: fantastic guys, this is a major improvement.
    We all know that during long battles the planes didn´t have enough fuel to stay fighting the whole battle. This is very realistic.

    well guys, we are not in 2012. Would this become true? i don´t know. It seems that aa takes many years to bann less realistic aspects (the transports with a fire power was one of the bad examples)

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