• In 5 person games we have always had Germany control the Italian player, but many of my fellow players now feel this give the Axis and Advantage.  Axis has won 60-70% of the games played in our group, and some see it as unfair since the German player and Italian player don’t have to plan together, but the entire Allied players have to plan together.

    what do you think would be a good way to fix this problem? Have Japan also control the Italians?

  • IMHO it’s better that Japan Controls Italy to make the game less favored to the axis.  This prevent the German/ Italian Player from using those two nations as if they were one, which I think is why they got split up in the first place.

  • what bbrett3 said haha

    my play group lets me get away with playing italy and germany together though, as i play each nation as its own and don’t just mini-me italy to help with german goals  :lol:

  • the ruissain player of course xD


    anyway i think its just natrual to let german player play the italians in any setup except 6 players. strategies have to be coordinated anyway so i cant see how giving them to japan will make a diffrence.

  • Always had Germany play Italy, as it’s the extra play where in AAR it wasn’t a case to think about what to do with the teritory in Italy that Germany had. Think just comes as a norm.

    Or…let the two Axis plan Italy together, be more team bonding.

    It’s like if it’s 2 playing Allies… the UK player would play America, or play US as a team.

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