• In most of the games I play the UK has too small of a force to try anything to germany in the first few turns. Lately I’ve been funneling British troops through Archangel and pushing on Germany along with the Russians, and have D-day later in the game, once the we are adjacent to Germany. Anyone else try this or have any comments?

  • As the Allies I try to stay off Russian soil unless there is a dire need to reinforce Russia. What I find to be more effective is to first have the UK take Norway and finland and when the fleet is strong enough to survive air attacks I keep hitting Poland with them. This way I can at least reduce what the German army has there so that Russia can take it herself and obtain the 10 additional production certs. I will also try to throw off Germany by hiting up either France or NW Europe from time to time. Of course the US slowly builds up an invasion force to 1st hit Africa then up to France after that. I try basically try to get the Germans to split thier forces to fight at least two fronts.

  • my strategy only really helps the Russians if  you’re not using NO’s it can buy be pretty effective if the Russians and Brits work well in concert and if you own the Baltic.I know some people send fighters but your basically shelling out 1/3 of your income on 1 unit that is probably gonna die. What I do is buy 2 inf 1 art and 1 tank which is a fairly powerful force for less than the cost of 2 fighters.

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