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    When you capture one of the Allies convoys with your German Naval piece, are the IPC’s immediately lost from the country whose convoy you sunk? Or do they get taken away at a later time? I recently got into a disagreement with a friend when playing, as I thought they were immediately lost and I wanted to clarify the rule, as the book does not seem to specifically state it. Thank you for any help.

  • I’ve always played it that they lose the IPC’s off the National Production Chart immediately (Germany isn’t affected, only Allied Country’s production goes down) but there is no losing of IPCs immediately from the hand.  On the Allied Nation’s next turn they would receive the lowered amount of IPCs, unless they first retake the convoy zone.

    At least that’s been my take on it–someone wiser on this subject may have a better answer.

    Pages 16-17 I think can be a bit confusing on the issue, yes, but I think the example on 17 helps.  It mentions income as compared to IPCs.  Income would refer to the amount to be received rather than the amount in a player’s hand.

    The German player moves four naval units during Germany’s turn.
    A German sub in the Central Atlantic moves into the United
    States’ Convoy center. Another German sub in the Azores Sea
    moves into a British Convoy Center and back out to its original
    zone. A German destroyer moves through a British Convoy center
    and into the Azores. A German transport in the Central Atlantic
    moves through a Convoy center and into the South Atlantic.
    However, because a transport has no attack value, it does not
    take control of the Convoy center. The German player places
    three German markers on the Convoy centers it now controls,
    and the IPC chart is adjusted. The U.S. loses 4 IPCs in income,
    while Great Britain loses 8. Germany’s income is not affected.
    On the U.S. turn, the American player moves a destroyer from
    the U.S. Coast sea zone through the Mid-Atlantic to the Convoy
    center. Since the German sub is no longer there, the center is
    liberated without combat. The German marker is removed and
    Britain’s income is raised 5 IPCs.

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    Murraymoto is correct.  When your convoy zone is captured, your income is adjusted downward, so you collect less IPCs as income on your next turn.  You don’t lose IPCs immediately.

  • Ahh… someone wiser has spoken, and I personally am glad, I had a couple moments of self-doubt there.

    Thanks Kreighund!

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    Thank you guys, that is a big help and will make the game go smoother.

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