• i have been working at an idea, i think that it could work, the idea is based around upscaling the territory battle’s,
    the battle board would be divided into 10 section’s, 1 for aircraft, 1 for reinforcement’s, 1 at -1, 1 at =, and 1 at + 1, the defender and the attacker would have the same section’s,
    at the start of a battle, multiply all the land unit’s by 3, fighter’s by 3 and bomber’s by 1,
    place all the unit’s at the reinforcemet area, fighter’s, and bomber’s, at the aircraft space, all unit’s move 2, fighter’s, and bomber’s are flown into a battle each round, and suffer AA gun attack’s,

    the attacker, or defender decide which line they are attacking, and the player that lose’s the unit’s decide’s the unit that is lost, AA gun’s are subject to destruction,

    a unit attacking from a - 1 space always attack’s, at - 1, a unit attacking from the = space attack’s, at =, or -1 if attacking a -1 space, a unit attacking from a + 1 space attack’s, at + 1, or if attacking a - 1 space attack’s, at =

    aircraft are moved to any space, the AA gun’s, are subject to the -1, =, +1, rule,

    after each round of combat, each unit can move forward or back 2 space’s, aircraft are removed, and flown back to the battle at the next round,

    the reinforcement space is an out of range area that can not be attacked,

    use 1/3 the amount of AA gun’s, as there are aircraft, each AA gun get’s 3 roll’s,

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    oh boy your gonna have to make something and post the graphic.

    Your proposing a complicated system and how does it make the game more fun?

  • i can work on the system over the next couple of day’s,

    i think that it would be fun to have command of each unit at a battle scale level,

    obviously i would have to do a lot of play testing,

    i have tested a number of small scale battle’s, and the play time has not increased significantly

  • i have tested the system, and i think that it is too tedious to use with the game,

    i have another battle board that i have been working at,

    when a player attack’s a territory they can hold some force’s, as reinforcement’s, the attacker place’s their front line force on the battle board, at the appropriate place, they can place as many force’s as they want at the reinforcement place, the defender must equal the front line force numerically if it is possible,

    after a round of combat, the attacker and defender can reinforce the front line,

    the defending player can choose to intercept an aircraft attack, by forefeiting their anti air craft attack,

    during air combat the defender and attacker hit at 3 for fighter’s,

    an attacking bomber hit’s, at 2
    a defending bomber hit’s, at 1

    i can not attach the board to this post because the file is more than the kb capacity

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    use mediafire.com its the best and you dont have to force spam on peoples computers like other sites.

  • here is the link to the mediafire file,


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    Thats a link to something else.

    link your actual file, when i click that i get my files.

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