I need some First Turn USA Strategies… I have one I think

  • So I’m planning (considering Japan has the first turn and will most likely kill my fleet off the coast of Hawaii), so send the remainder of my fleet with the one transport and two infantry to the Solomon Islands (You can get there the first turn). My starting 38 IPCs will go into 2 transports, and 3 destroyers.

    The general plan is to have the Jap fleet chasing me all over hell while I keep building my own fleet, I’m want to liberate all the British islands that used to be Indonesia and try and steal/gain what bonuses I can.

    My problem is I have no idea what to do on the Eastern Coast and in the Atlantic to help the Soviets and/or UK over there.

  • I was the U.S. the one time I  played Anniversary in 1942 scenario.  I almost always played Germany before so it was a welcome change to release those reins and try something different.  My fleet survived in the pacific so I managed to build a bomber a turn to send to U.K. to SBR Germany.  In addition to that I built transports, and some troops to use to ferry towards the U.K. fleet for protection in preparation of a future attack on Western Europe.

    Since you are spending most of your money in the pacific there is not much to do on the other side of the world with the little what is left over.  If you can manage 12 IPCs you can keep bombing Germany’s ICs to help support the war.  Usually when I saw the U.S. going pacific I was happy to have it off my back when I played Germany.

  • 2007 AAR League

    You can’t always make it to the Solomans because the Japanese will usually have at least one naval unit in sz52 after attacking your fleet there and even if they aren’t blocking you from reaching the Solomans you have to be careful not to rush down there because the Japanese have a ton of air power so you could be sending those units into an ambush.

    I would say build 2 CV, 1 fig and attack anything left in sz52. He probably won’t counterattack you since he would most likely have to leave a CV in range of your aircraft. Plus, with 2 loaded CV’s in sz56 he would have to leave units in sz62 to protect any TP’s he builds.

    You can harrass the Japanese but don’t expect to be able to outgun them because they start out with so many fighters as well as 2 BB’s so they can easily protect their big money islands for a long time, but you should be able to force them to hold a lot of firepower out of other action because they have to keep an eye on your fleet.

    And, generally, you can’t get away with evenly splitting the US money between the Atlantic and Pacific but you can maybe add a bomber every turn to send to UK for SBR’s against the Axis while spending the rest in the Pacific if you want to slow down Japan.

  • Buy all subs (6) and take Iwo Jima turn 1. Fly all planes to Hawaii. Swing at least one of those east coast trannies through the Panama…

  • Transport for East Coast to transport non-combat moved Central US units.  Counter attack Japan fleet around Hawaii, send East coast bomber to England and probably even the West coast bomber as well.  That should be sufficient enough in the Atlantic to support England for a bit.  Build a transport, carrier and 1 more fighter for West coast.  I think that should be a balanced first round setup that allows you to send 3 bombers to Germany next turn and have boots moving that way to put doom on the horizon for Europe while also allowing you to strike multiple islands on turn 2.  The West coast fleet moves to Hawaii with no units on the transports, my idea is to use the 2 infantry on Hawaii for a turn 2 invasion while hitting Wake Island or Iwo Jima from West coast.

  • @Frontovik:

    i like KJF in '42
    cause in 41, you can’t build IC on east-indies with US

    not sure what this means, you can’t build a US IC in EI in 42’ either… UK is the original owner of EI in both scenarios, it just starts with a Japanese control marker in 42’

  • Move all your bombers to England on turn one and buy two tech rolls and go for heavy bombers till you get it.  Then crush them.

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