• Hey guys. Never played a miniature game before and was thinking of getting one to play around with. (perhaps it would not be so daunting to the GF!)

    Anywho I can figure out what to buy or what goes with what. Eastern Front 41, North Africa 40, 39-45 Starter Pack + Booster, Expanded Rules, War At Sea, Reserve Booster Pack, New Starter Pack, D-Day Booster Pack, Contested Skies Booster, Set II Booster Pack, Base Set Starter, & Booster….

    Are all of the games tied to each other in some way. Are pieces for one good for another?

    What should a newcomer to the miniature series get? They look cheap so I could get a bunch of them if needed, I just want to make sure im getting the right stuff.

    BTW, im assuming these mini games are somewhat similar to the standard games.

    Thanks in advance

  • It’s pretty simple and fun to play. All go together except for the war at sea Only war at sea will be by itself. It’s like the regular version oly you play in hexs and each unit has it’s own stats etc. If your not sure just by a starter set and try it and mabye 3-4 boosters. Hope you lioke it we need more people to play minis by forum!!!

  • thanks for the quick response. what do you personally recommend first?

    if they all work with each other besides War At Sea, im assuming the difference between Eastern Front, North Africa 39-45 and D-Day are just different maps and scenarios?

    If so which is the funnest?

    Are you limited to the amount of pieces you buy or are there chips for pieces like the board game?

  • I would get base set because they are the units you will almost need when fighting same as set
    Yes i belive you are limited if I am hearing you right.

  • So I should get Base Starter & Booster Set. Will Do.

    Im thinking of getting the D-Day set as well.

    If I need 2 or 3 more boosters beyond those, which do you recommend?

    Maybe I should get another scenario pack as well, whats better Eastern Front, North Africa, 39-45?

  • Welcome to the forum.

    What you need to know is that the scales of vehicles were standardized with the 39-45 set, North Africa and Eastern Front.  If I was buying in now I’d only get those ones until I had done enough homework about some specific other piece I may want.

    Get a 39-45 Starter, and a booster from each set.  Teach the GF to play.  It can be like chess.  You’re thinking out as many turns as you can, using your pieces and their special abilities as best you can, assessing the ground and out thinking the opponent.

    Always conduct an after action to discuss what went right and wrong.

    Have fun eh!

  • Thanks audacity.

    My plan was to buy the Euro Front, North Africa and 39-45 starters and boosters but I can only find the 39-45 starter and booster, but for Euro Front and North Africa they only sell boosters. (only pieces and cards no maps) I also went to all the links on the wizards site and couldn’t find anyone that sold those starters. Any help here would be appreciated.

  • Actually that is the way it is.

    The only starter you want is the 39-45 set.  You might also get a booster or two.

    North Africa (NA) and Eastern Front (EF) only come in boosters.

    There are separate map packs for NA and EF that come with a few maps and a couple of planned scenarios.  I’ve picked them up too.

    The way the boosters are, you sure can spend a lot, a little at a time, on this game.  Any other good game will cost as well but make sure you are hooked if you plan to spend to grow.

    I’ve plenty of stock and have decided to grow only in the German and Commonwealth forces.  Therefore I have plenty of good trade deals (ie US, Japanese etc available for trade).

    Enjoy.  It can be a very satisfying game if you take the time to learn how best to emply the special abilities.

  • Good luck hipe you like it

  • I recommend getting the 1939-1945 Starter, four 1939-1945 boosters, and two Eastern Front boosters, and two North Africa boosters. I found with this game, it’s not terribly fun if you don’t have a variety for pieces for a couple of opposing armies. You’ll broaden your opponent base by having enough stuff to share with an opponent who has no pieces (obviously). The 39-45 stuff is essentially a “greatest hits” collection of pieces from previous sets, so you get some good stuff there. EF has a lot of fun, new, heavy hitting stuff that’s widely unavailable in 39-45. I’d focus on those 2 sets until you have enough stuff to play a good game, where you can diversify armies and not have to pick units over and over because you don’t have enough. If you can’t have 100 points vs 100 points, you won’t be having much fun.

    I’ve found that I first started really having fun with this game when I had about 50-60 pieces. Trades rounded out my USA and Germany (the two forces I focused on initially). I’ve got about 1200-1500 pieces now, and in all honesty, nobody needs this many. I got hooked on the collecting aspect of it, and decided “I’ve got all the older pieces, may as well get this whole new set too”… Try and avoid that mentality if you can.

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