New Pc Game?

  • Hello everyone,

    First post. Played my first A&A game as a kid if the late 80’s. Stopped playing in the early 90’s and was re-introduced with the game with the PC version in the late 90’s. Since then i go through phases on interest in little spells once a year. Long lost my PC version (just bought one from Ebay!) and have been in recent times using TripleA.

    Anywho I got back in my A&A phase and see so many new developments in the board game (Revised and Anniversary Editions) and just realized a fe minutes ago TripleA has a Revised map but my question at last is there any plans to do a formal PC release of the Revised and even Anniversary editions?

    As good as TripleA is, the AI is very week. (which they readily acknowledge as the only option is “Easy AI”) Ive longed for a new PC game not only for the new rules but also tougher AI. The AI can never cope with standard strategy “infantry push mech” and is not very sound with dead zone concepts.

    Just wanted to see if anything is in the works.

    Also if I may, are there any essays or published strategies for the Revised game? I used to love reading Don Rae’s strategies for the Classic game and would like to find something similar for the Revised version. (which i plan to start playing now)

    BTW, what do fans prefer Revised or Anniversary? They look much different, what is kinda the default game for fans these days? Is Classic Dead?

    Thanks in advance! Glad I stumbled across the site.

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