Where can I download Axis and Allies v1.33 Patch from?

  • I have looked at torrents and there are not enough peers and seeders, i can’t find any place for direct download, so can someone please help me? Thanks  🙂

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    You mean for the CDRom?

    I don’t think anyone uses it anymore.  You could get TripleA if you just looking for a game of Axis and Allies vs the computer and there’s even a war club where everyone uses TripleA kinda like the MS Gaming Zone had for Axis and Allies and Axis and Allies: Iron Blitz.

  • Is it like another website where people use tripleA? I prefer the iron blitz for pc because although it crashes it has features like germany and russia vs. allies or russia and japan etc. extra features where countries like usa or russia can remain neutral, do this triplea version at the war club include this? Can you tell me how to get to this war club?

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    TripleA can do all that, and it supports all the new games that have come out like Axis and Allies Europe, Pacific, Revised, Guadacanal, Anniversary, etc.

    It has some weird games as well like one where battleships are really cheap but you have almost no choice to get battleships and transports for the water, etc.

    BTW, Iron Blitz is incorporated into TripleA as well.

    Also, don’t construe this as me fully endorsing TripleA, but it is the most similar gaming utility on the internet to the CDRoms (and much more stable, though it does still crash a bit, all programs do.)

    And the AI is nothing to write home about.  Which is why I mentioned there is a website where there’s a lot of TripleA gaming between humans.

  • I see, can you show the the link then please, sounds cool, do i need to install anything?

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    Google TripleA it’s a download.

    As for a link, not a clue.  I don’t play in that club.  I prefer to use a pure mapping utility like ABattlemap (it has no artificial intelligence and no dice rolling ability) myself.

    I’m sure the search engine will give you both the download and the link to the gaming club. (It’s probably something silly like tripleA.com or something.)

  • Thanks, i found the game at the 2nd link down when i searched and when I had downloaded the game and I saw that the available games are battleship row, big world 1942, capture the flag, classis, europe incomplete, four if by sea, great war, iron blitz, kings table, lhtr, minimap, n puzzle, pacific incomplete, pact of steel, revised, six army free for all, tictactoe

    Do you know whether there is a place where you can download get other types of games like those to download cus i wanna be germany with russia and fight the allies like you can do on iron blitz, thank you for showing me triplea 🙂

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    try Flames of Europe or DAAK.de (if you go to DAAK you’ll have to click the British flag in the upper left corner to translate the page to English, unless you know how to read German.)

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