• I am working on an opening German Strategy and would like some feedback from the collective wisdom of this board concerning when it would be best to use and responses.

    So far I have looked at it with a 9 bid, allowing a Tank and Art in Libya so Egypt can be taken with 3 tanks, art & inf, bomber (fighter probably too), BB, trans & inf, sub and 2 figs take the UK BB and Gibralter.

    Purchase carrier and 8 inf.  Here is where it gets tricky.  If Karelia empty (fairly often) I can take 2 armor from EE, Inf and armor from Germany, and land 2 figs in Norway (4 inf, 3 arm, 2 figs), carrier plus one fig, WE has 5 inf, 3 arm, art, fig with one inf a peice in Karelia, Belorus, Ukraine, rest pushed to EE.

    Thought process is to threaten fleet unification and force US/UK to over purchase expensive naval units, and slow shuck, particularly directly to Karelia-Novobrisk.

    G2 purchases - inf + art (with left over ipcs) possible with a second trans in med if UK moved DD to SE and Med fleet going to be sitting there end of G2.  Shuck troops up to Norweigh, probably have 3 figs there at end G2 - depending on purchases - possible brought Baltic fleet out one SZ to increase attack range if safe from attack - very possible double US/UK attacks.

    G3-G4 start mixing in tanks in prep for eventual EE-Norway merge in Karelia On one turn, back to EE to pick up inf art/purchased round before (heavy tank purchase this round + round before Karelian merge) then push all available ground units to UKR.  By this time, Japan should be sending 10 tanks/turn to the Russian front and have about 20 inf already pushed up there.

    From the Round you push to UKR and on its all defense in Europe, so long as tanks can come back to EE and SE those territories can be left empty as long as a double UK/US landing is not feasible.  May also use Germ/ and a one Jap bomber on Brit around this time to reduce its ability to add troops to the front - Should be producing 20 or less ipcs.

    Thanks for any feedback.  I recognize that this probably cant/should not be done if there is an inf in Karelia or Ukraine was decimated R1.  looking more on the situation of the WR super stack.

    I think the main benefit is keeping UK/US troops out of Europe longer and making certain that UK and not Russia eventually takes Norway.

  • As my own follow-up, this assumes a fairly standard KGF game, and Japan co-ordinated moves to take islands, reinforce Africa and move its 2 BB groups around the capes and into the Atlantic around J7.  So as pressure comes to bare in Moscow, the American fleet has another issue to deal with - any transport loss makes Europe much easier to hold.

  • yeah i think it’s a pretty good approach.  i don’t play with bidding so i wouldn’t normally do it, but with your extra african troops you are in a decent position to maintain a good income and make use of your baltic transports even without fleet unification.

    norway can be a pretty big income boost to either ally, so i like playing aroudn with low-cost worthwhile ways to keep it.

    when it does fall in the later game, though, i’m far more concerned if the us takes it, as i find (once german fleet is dead) that’s a great spot for a us industrial complex.

  • I personally think buying German naval units in the Baltic are not that worth it because the Allies should do the following:

    1. Russia should constantly harass Germany and not allow them a foothold in Karelia.  If Germany moves into Karelia without sufficient forces (which happens when they purchase naval units), then Russia takes out Karelia thereby weakening German land forces.  With weakened land forces, Germany loses the threat against Russia

    2. UK builds the Aircraft Carrier, transports and fighters (R1, R2) then corners the German fleet in the Baltic (R3).  Either Germany attacks the UK fleet and will lose its fighters and fleet in the process.  Or UK attacks the German fleet with minimal losses if the fighters wisely choose to abandon the Baltic fleet.  Or UK attaks with some losses if the fighters stay on (but its worth it to kill the German fighters)

    3. US loans UK the 2 transports and destroyer as fodder in case the German navy attacks, while they keep building transports into Africa.

    Then you have a 3 on 1 against Germany with no Japanese help against Russia until R5, R6.  Anyways, my 2 cents

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