I have got to play A&A 50\. Nooow!!!

  • This summer I stumbled across a website which informed me that a new A&A was under way… I hadn’t played my old A&A classic for years, but I remembered it as a really great though somewhat tedious game. I also remembered wanting more units to choose from - to have a more detailed model of fleets and such. So my excpectations started building…

    Many days I would google A&A 50 and look for pics just to satisfy my need for this new game. I put it on my wishlist for christmas, but saw that there was a lot of talk about it being a limited edition and such. I actually asked my girlfriend if she could call both my parents and ask them if they were going to get it for me for xmas, and if not, to buy it herself (not for xmas, of course) and not tell me, just to make sure I didnt miss the limited edition. That was how bad I wanted it!

    It arrived december 22nd, and we started playing december 25th. I got hooked! I got some friends over on the 29th, as well as on january4th. But I did not get satisfied! It actually just got worse, and right now I have an unsatisfiable urge to play A&A 50!!!

    Thank you. I just had to let it out to someone who hopefully understands.

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    Thats good, and we offer alot of resources on this site, so get what you can from it.

    And Welcome!

  • Thank you very much! I will. I see an opportunity in play by email! I just have to come up with/find a practical map tool, and I’ll check out some of the ones you discuss here.

    Btw: I also bought that pink A&A top for my girlfriend. That should provide a large handicap.

  • yeah, that’s a good norwegian

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