Problems with Cruisers: colors/numbers??

  • I’ve heard that there is a problem with either the color or number of cruisers?

    Is that still a problem with the newer editions of Guadalcanal or has it been corrected?

    What exactly is the problem?

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    The problem is that the colors of the cruisers are reversed - the Japanese cruisers are green, and the US cruisers are orange.  It doesn’t cause a problem with game play, and you wouldn’t even notice unless you’re a history buff or compare the pieces with the silhouettes in the rule book.

    As far as I know, it hasn’t been corrected yet.  However, you can contact Wizards Customer Service and they will replace them free of charge.

  • What Krieg said.

    To add, the number of cruiser pieces included seems fine. This game seems to have the right numbers of pieces. I’ve hardly ever been short unlike Revised where you seem to always run out of Japanese tanks and chips.

    You sometimes need more actual transports but only when you have transports with a bunch of different load outs in more than one zone.

  • :-D  Appreciate your help

  • I just got mine 3 days ago and it had the wrong cruisers,I got the right ones today.

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